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The other day there was heaps of posts for the site Daily Deal cos there was a Baby Package special.

Did anyone get this?

What did you think?

I ordered it, but haven't recieved it yet, but my paypal is being crap, so hope it bloody works. Did you order one?
I got mine today, honestly, I wasn't to impressed. it will make good present thou.
Glad I'm not the only one.
I really don't think there was $60-$80 worth of stuff in there.

What did you receive???

I think I'm going to let them know I wasn't real happy with it.
Plus the photo-album I got it all bent and wrecked.

I got mine...wasnt impressed I emailed the company. Can I ask what you got??
I got:
An Infanti non spill toddler cup
Pk insulated sippy cup
Firm catch tray bib
Pk 3 cloth bibs
Yellow cardigan (looks cheap import)
pair socks (definate cheap import)
an aquanappy
dummy strap/holder
tacky xmas mittens (yeah handy in australia)
weird bottle thermometer(instructions in chinese or japanese)

The toddler cup and insulated cup were both damaged
Cheers Ness
I didn't get

pk of insulated sippy cup, instead I got tacky head band.

They promoted big brands, but some of the brands they promoted weren't in there.

I got
* Stupid winter mittens
* Catch Bib (which is dirty)
* Sippy Cups (with straws)
* 3 Pack Bibs
* Swimmer n*ppy
* Mauve cardigan & beanie
* Socks
* Photo Album (that is bent & wrecked)
* Bottle thermo
* 3 Pack Infantino Bottles
* Dummy strap thing.

The pack of bottles looks good but that was about it.

So not $60-$80 worth of stuff there. sad

Yes, they said brands such as Russ, Fisher-Price, The First Years, Infanti and Target.

I got one item from Infanti.

I e-mailed them also.
I think everyone who is dissapointed should contact them.

Honey check the winter mittens mine have a russ label on them, still 2 out of 10 items is crap
I hope we hear back from them
Cheers Ness
i also order but havent got mine hope so tomora if it isnt wat is discribe i will be diffantly emailing them
I got:
*RUSS-Thick Blue WINTER Headband
*RUSS-Green Scarf doesnt match
*Cheap Socks
*bottle thermo
*3 pack infantino bottles
*Catch bib
*3 pack bibs
*Swimmer nappy
*Target jumpsuit
*Hooley dooley purple possum mascot thing toy

overall i thought it was crap- very disapointed!

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