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biggish families! Rss

[Edited on 11/09/2007]
Hi im a mum of 1 DD and 3 DS's id like another 1 when DS is a bit older for now im happy to soak him

Oh my,

There is such a big response isnt there!

Well if you dont know my story here it goes hubby and i had baby 1. at 18 he just turned 10 today happy birthday babe, we were married in 2001 and had baby no.2 then in in 2004 we had baby no.3 than yes we believed the old wives tale " No you cant concieve whilst still breast feeding." ha and along came baby no.4 in 2005 so yes i had 3 under 3. and their all boys.

I try to read up on the age gap thing , how manys too many, how to concieve boy or girl just out of curiousity and it seems like you girls and guys all do the same thing so this is a vital site Huggies isnt it we help each other soooooooo much.
alwaysawake you rock!!!
i love kids, we have 5 at the moment but would love to add another little one. how do you manage the car thing? we have a 7seater at the moment but i suppose we would need a tarago if we had another one?
I have one at the moment but would love at least 4. But hopefully more. lol.

hi, well we have now invested in a mitsibisi starwagon its an 8 seater, we also have the pajero 7 seater which we have converted to an 8 seater, but hubby uses that car for work we only go iin it for camping and when we go off road altogether/ i have been thinking about having more babies but i really should give my body a break. i havent actually as yet tried to have a girl or boy, so i don't know how to manage that one, but i love having a big family, and it is working for us, and everyone gets fed and clothed, we know our limit on money and so the kids are affordable, if i was in debt and couldn't afford to have them well i wouldnt but every child brings their own loaf of bread and they don't miss out on much, although they will probably tell you my eldest is 11 then 9 3 2 11 months now and 4 weeks so it seems we all have the varying age gaps, i conceived Ella without getting AF after the birth of Mia, as i wasunder the impression that the chances of conception without AF are 2%, although if we really didn't want to have any more kids, we would have been using some sort of contracepttion. Its amazing how many people ask if the kids all have the same father! yes they do,but i would never ask a total stranger that question.. Go the big families, if you all want more and are able to (like if you both agree on more kids) then you should go for it, i didn't want to regret and wish forever that i had just had one more!!! after the 4th one, it ust doesnt matter any more, we all keep the same routine and production line happening at breakfast and meal times, 1 more baby isn't going to make any difference..hhhmmmm am I trying to convince myself to have we all rock as mums, love the kids and you'll be fine..
I have 4 kids. 2 boys and 2 girls and I feel complete. Any way my DH has had the snip twice. The first didn't work so he had to go again.
hi ladies
i have 5 children aswell all the same ages as alwaysawakes children funny that i have also just lost a bub m/c so we will be trying for one more as soon as i get things back on track i too love the big family

Hi missyc,

you have 5 children are they boys or girls!
3 boys is enough for me way too much testostrone(sp) and not looking forward to 3 teenage boys in 10 yrs time LOL!my mil has 5 sons. when she was expecting no5 her mother had said why are you having another one it will probably be another boy anyway! but good luck to you and your quest of a big family.
[Edited on 11/09/2007]
[Edited on 11/09/2007]

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

hi i have 4 boys and one girl so hopeing to get another little girl next time
Wow 1 girl missyc how did you manage that! not that it matters there all gifts my eldest would LOVE a little sister.
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