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who here thinks it should be legal in all states? i personally do

i think it should be legal, but the law needs to be VERY clear so that everyone knows exactly what their rights are.

Its a wonderful thing to be able to offer someone else, but i think it can get really messy and people could get very hurt if its not done right
Me too.
My sister cant have a baby. So it would be nice for her to have that option./

i have never looked into it so im clueless as to the laws....

what states is it legal / illegal in ????
it is only legal in act

wow only act!?

i thought that there would have been more than that tiny little "state" lol
I couldn't do it. I am too emotionally attached to my babies in the womb.

I admire those that can. If it was legal I would want it to be very strict.

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sweetangel thats what i mean about the laws having to be very clear.

I would fear that if people would change their mind and grow attached to the bubs.

its a hard one but i think that women have the choice to do pretty much everything else with their bodies in regards to pregnancy and birth so surrogacy should be on the list as well.

Just my opinion smile
I haven't really looked into it either - but I agree that there are a lot of issues that need to be legislated first in regards to rights etc. I don't think i could ever be a surrogant mum - it must take a very special person to be that selfless!
yeah i think im not positive but the law there states that the birth mum is the mother on birth certificate even if it wasn't her eggs

I certainly think it should be legal, but I wouldn't want to see it become big business like in America.


I believe that is should be legall in all states. I'm currently going through the process to become a surrogate for my best friend, and it's hard because it is illegal in SA and we thererfore have to travel to canberra for some doctors appointments and to do the insemination procedure.

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