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Pink or Blue Rss

Hi I was just wondering if anyone has had this, you go out shopping or down the street with baby fully dressed in pink ,pink blanket everything pink and people still ask if its a boy or girl.Or even tha other way around blue everything. Maybe its just me or everyone in my town is colour blind
Im hearing you girl..... loud and clear!!!!

Dumb old people. After three kids and my youngest being 7mths, I still get asked that.. I got my DD ears piereced to add the pinkness and they still ask me.

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yep i had the same problem with my DD, head to toe pink and people especially older people asked is it a girl or boy deary?

Moo has her hair in pigtails, has had her ears pierced since 7 weeks old in always in pink and wears a hell of a lot of dresses/ skirts and she still gets called a boy!!!!!!!!!! What the???????
oh yeah, but mine are in blue.
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Lol, I have this cute little dress that all 3 of my girls have worn at some time or other and it is mainly white, with what I call aqua, (but I can see how some people call it blue) thin stripes on it and butterflies and flowers. Everytime without fail, somebody - and no offence, but usually slightly elderly - says, "How cute, what's his name?" OMG, it's a dress dammit!

3 Gorgeous Girls!

lol, yes I've had the oldies do it to me too.

DD wearing pink top, frilly headband with a bow, pretty aqua pants with little flowers on them - and still got referred to as "he".

When I said "no, she's a girl" - the old lady goes "Oh, well I thought because of the blue pants...."

Aaargh - is the rest of the ensemble invisible?
Ok girls....Im going up the street to do some shopping.

I have DD in pink with a "girl" sign printed on her jumper. A pink head band, pink dummy, with pink dummy chain, pink socks, pink blanket and I am wearing pink!!!

Lets see if I get asked!!!????
Will let you know!!!

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