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Ever cop flack over your baby's name? Rss

After getting a complement from Charliesmama about my daughter's name (Adelaide) (thanks Charliesmama smile)it prompted me to think about when I have had not so favourable feedback about my daughter's name.
I've had a few people say something along the lines about her being conceived in Adelaide (she wasn't - never even been there) and another comedian (not) said I should have called her Perth. Whatever.
I actually called her Adelaide after the character "Adelaide Adams" in the Doris Day classic "Calamity Jane".
I just reckon it's rude when people negatively comment on your kids names. After all - not like you can do anything about it afterward.
Has anyone else had negative comments about their choice of name?

I have a had a few comments about my kids names! They were that my children will never be able to spell their names or say their names, I just tell people get back in your box i dont comment on your childrens names!

Kids names are Makiera and Jailon i dont see them hard names to spell or say, specially since we call them that everyday, DD cant say her name properly yet but she says akiera just cant yet put the M infront and say it DS is only 11 weeks lol so i dont expect him to be tallking yet haha

i have a neice named sydney!! hehe seriously! honestly hun who gives a crap wat others think of ur childrens names! these are ur kids nothing to do with any1 else if u and DH/DP like the name then thats all that matters!

nooey ur sons name is it sed like jay-lon? jy-lon?

People always get confused because we spelt the Jai diff to most people who spell it JYE

i thought it was that- i've always thought of Jai (jye) to be spelt that way! i like that name- never heard it b4!!
I have only had positive comments on my ds name, apparently without realising it, we used a very 'trendy' name, that is very in right now! We found it in a baby name book, so didn't even realise it was so popular! Have only had people asking how to spell it, cause there are a few different ways.
Yeah I try not to let it bug me but I just can't understand why people can't keep their mouth shut about it? I reckon its' just about as bad as going up to someone and saying "man your kid's ugly". Like this time when my dog was a bit plump - people kept saying "your dog is sooo fat". Well DERR that's why were out walking her. *tsk tsk* people can be so rude.


I think Adelaide is a beautifu name for a girl.
Don't worry what anyone says about yor babies name- tell them to get lost.

My #1 DD's name is Peyton- I have a cousin who always says- What do you think your were the first? As in Patent!! I tell him he's an idiot. Luckily he is not a close cousin- so I only see him every few years. My DD who is almost 10 yo just thinks he is an idiot too.
we hadnt heard of it either... we like uncommon names, Cause we didnt want the kids to go to school and have there be like 4 Jailons or Makieras but with that said they will probably become common by the time the kids go to school lol

Tell me about it! I grew with at least 2 other Kylie's always in my class. I hated having such a common name - that's why I chose one that is bit rare. But now Joe Hockey has called his kid Adelaide it will probably get popular . DOH!

nooey~ lol true! i dunno tho my name is pretty unique and ive NEVER come across anutha 1 in Real life! its jensey btw
we havent had negative feed back about the name we chose. but when we were choosing names we considered forms of Azaria (im sure everyone familiar with the story) such as Zaria etc and everyone we told we got neg feedback so while we liked the name we chose not to use it as we didnt want to put our kid through that. so instead we chose Tia Rose and well it suits her beautifully and noone has said anything bad about it. its nice and easy for her to spell and say.

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