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banning gender selection tests Rss

ok - room for huge debate here (or maybe not?).
anyone see the news article about the products you can buy online to determine the babies sex from just 6 weeks old? Experts say there will be a huge rise in the abortion rate as this market rises (and it will, because everyone is curious and id say an equal 50% would find out the sex if they could!).
anyway, due to the scare that the abortion rate will rise the system is considering making it illegal to purchase such 'kit'..

what do YOU think about this... should they ban it or allow it? - i wonder if more women want boys or girls, thus if they could 'terminate' there preg at6wks pending a sex test, would our population be dominated by boys or girls?

my opinion is ........(drum roll)..........BAN IT - you should have a child because you want a family, and the joys of having a child NOT because you want a boy or girl (for what ever reason. this is wrong, cruel, inhumane, and if GOD wanted us to know what we were having he would have given us the natural ability to know!

Kayden 2, Jace 2weeks

It'll be popular in China.
I think it should be available to a select few, like people with genetic problems that are related to the sex of the baby.

I believe abortion is an individual womens right to choose, but disagree with it being used if they simply don't like the childs gender.

I'd like to see the development of some medication that allows you to chose the sex of your baby before conception. (another debate) Particularly handy for people with 3 or more children of one particular sex who want to have one of the opposite sex.

Yes, and in China they have about 5 men for every one woman cos they keep dumping the girls.

My opinion is it can only be a bad thing. If you want to know what your baby is (cos you are curious) before it's born you can usually find out at the scan. I can only see the need to find out THAT early if you want to "do" something about it.

My other concern is how accurate is it or is it just a money making gimic. How would someone feel if they aborted the wrong one. And also, how would someone feel if they aborted a perfectly healthy (what ever they don't want) only to later have a sick (what ever they do want). The sex of the baby is the most insignificant part I believe.

ALso, if you have a genetic disorder you can use IVF and pre-implantation genetic testing, there is no need to abort after the fact.

It can only mean bad things in my book.
I didn't think of the IV thing Carline. In that case, your right.
It seems so unfair to abort a baby just because its a boy or a girl.
We are fast becoming a world of convenience.

I agree with Mez, it should be available for genetic tests for parents who have conditions that might be passed onto a particular gender, their choice of course.

But like most things, people will always be able to get their hands on it and abuse it, like every-thing else I suppose.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

The idea of selective abortion sickens me, this will certainly increase the cases of selective abortion. W hy cant we just be happy with what we have?
I read a news story a few weeks back where it's fairly common practice in India to abort pregnancies at 20+ weeks along if the baby is a girl. Activists over there are trying to ban finding out the sex through amniocentisis (sp) and ultrasounds completly because of the infant mortality rate. I have done research recently on inter-country adoption, and if you were to adopt from China, you wouldn't be able to adopt a son because of the way girls are just 'dumped' because of their sex. I read a news article a few years back, about some of the orphaned babies in China (mainly girls). Because of their restrictions on the number of children in families, alot of families try to hide their kids from their government. There were stories where the government found out about these children, and have (supposedly) drowned these poor kids...
Okay, I know I'm way off topic here, sorry!
But if these tests were accurate, I would probably do one, just to find out what I was having. Although I long for a little girl to complete our family, I would never abort a baby because of it's gender, I just hate not knowing things!!!

If you have more than one child in China they are simple not recognised as citizens, no birth cert, no passport.... essential no life. Unless you are of a minority race you are only allowed one child and there is a belief that boys are needed to pass on the name etc... so they want boys. silly thing is they will end up with a whole lot of boys and no girls to make babies to pass on the name with tongue.

In India they believe they need a son to perform the funeral of the parents. Hence the want of boys. But they are allowed more than one kid.

The world is becoming a sad sad place.

Besides which, we would like a son but if we end up with 3 girls (don't really want more than 3 kids) I will get over it. And for those who have more kids all of the same sex and want to "balance" out their family... that doesn't sound very balanced to me.... I had two older brothers and believe me that was hard enough! More would be just be constant harrassment (in that nice big brother way). And to be a boy with 3 or 4 older sisters!!! Sheesh!!
id have to agree with the opinion that it should be banned, and possibly used for those with the medical risks related to the sex of the baby.
I agree with your point, that you should want a baby because you want to start a family. I know i would rather a boy next (one of each) but I could never imagine terminating a pregnancy based on the sex of a baby, that apalling
mmm, go out on a limb here and say "Why shouldn't we be allowed to purchase it?" I dont actually think that it will encourage people to have abortions based on sex. I think that our culture is a lot more developed than this. Many people are just happy to be having a bub and even the mums that after 5 boys would love a girl arent going to get themselves pregnant and risk having another boy if they didnt want another child regardless of its sex. They would love it anyways. We found out at the routine ultrasound what both our children were, so i cant imagine paying $500 to get a kit that will tell me a few weeks earlier when i am already paying for that ultrasound.
But - having said that, why do we need it? What positive things does it bring to society?

DS 8yrs DD 14 weeks
I agree with what you all saying about it should not be used as it will cause unnessarry abortions. But i remember what it was like to wait for the scan to find out what i was having. I mean they make u wait til ur 20 weeks/5 months now. That was just cruelity as i was sooooo courious. lol i remember in the scan, it went for over an hour as bub didnt want to show his privates, and i begged and pleaded that they didnt send me home waiting longer for a confirmation of what i was having. But really what kind of mother would kill her baby because it wasnt the right sex???? Not someone fit enough for parenthood. It's a shame some bad eggs will ruin it for all the rest of us.

joshua 21/10/01 Samuel 03/12/06

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