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are my waters breaking? Lock Rss

Can waters break 'gradually'? im really unsure, with DS my waters never broke on their own. Twice in the last 10mins, a tiny bit of fluid (perhaps a tablespoon?) has leaked out of 'there' and im not sure what it is! ..... sorry for the info, but it smells a bit, not like urine really though, and it doesnt feel quite like im weeing, or am i? If i am, then i couldn't control it, and i dont have a weak bladder or anything.. (or do i!)... nothing else happening though, just a few painful braxton-hicks contracts for the past few days - but hardly any. Does the 'show' always come before waters start to break?.. can that go unnoticed?

Kayden 2, Jace 2weeks

I'd suggest go to the hospital and get checked out. It may be a leak in your waters. Remember, we're not doctors here!! Get on the phone to the hossy!
Can you call the hospital and speak to a midwife? It might be best to speak to someone just in case. Wow it might be a little early for you!
It is possible that you have a slight tear. With my last pregnancy my waters broke but on a tiny bit of fluid came out. A while later they broke properly and there was only what I could describe as a river of fluid.

I would suggest putting a pad on and smelling it in half an hour or so. I know it sounds disgusting but amniotic fluid smells nothing like urine so you should be able to tell the difference. If it is amniotic fluid and nothing happens in the next 24 hours you should see your doctor as the baby could be exposed to infection.

Good luck. I noticed that you aren't due for a little while yet but you never know.

I'd be ringing now, not in 24hrs. Infection sets in quicker than that... trust me.
oh i would be so embarresed if i 'wet myself' though! - i just didnt have feel like i need to go, and i couldnt control it!....

i shall ring a mid wife and ask her about it, i didnt realise about infection etc.. gosh you think youve read so much and are so clued up on things but then come the time you dont know anything!!

yes ill be in a bit of strife if bub does come now, i still a couple of uni exams to go before he's meant to be born! hehe, though he will be here when he is ready!

im booking in to have him 3wks tomorrow, so he wouldnt be very very early, but early enough i guess!

thanks so much!

Kayden 2, Jace 2weeks

hey my waters broke 'gradually'. I was expecting that if they broke there would be a big gush, but it kinda trickled out (sorry TMI!!). I never had a show until they broke, and it wasn't really noticable. Ring your hossy, or go in and they do a swab test.

Good luck!!

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

Yes your waters can leak slowly, mine did. It may just be fluid though, as some women can have quite a fair bit of watery discharge when pregnant.
If it smells a bit like almonds, then it'll be your waters.
If it has a green tinge, go in straight away.

How did you get on last night Claire? Did you go to the hospital? Or has bubs already arrived 3 weeks early?

no no thankgoodness! - haha, although i cant wait for him to be out, i really need him to stay in there the next 3wks!

Doc didnt do anything actually, and said it would be fine, wasnt concerned (he is a sh*t dcotor though, has never cared about anything and can not get you out quick enough)...
hasnt happened since and ive had no cramping or anything so i feel good =)

Kayden 2, Jace 2weeks

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