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Does anyone know where I can get my bubs ears pierced in Adelaide (Western Suburbs)? Got my first daughters done in my country town, but want to get number 2 done where they can do both ears at the same time. Thanks, and sorry if you think I am cruel!!!
I live in Vic, so can't help you out with that, but can I just recommend that you DON'T get them done at the same time. I have several friends who are piercers and they will not do them together as there is a massive chance that the holes will end up uneven as the guns will never go off at the exact same time and your daughter will move after the first goes off even if it is only a milisecond before the second goes off. Hope I have explained that well. Because of this movement there is also a greater risk that the 2nd stud will become stuck and not pierce properly.
Hey there Kate! Thanks for that. Never thought about it in that way and you have a good point. Think I might just get them to do them one at a time. Other little one was eight months when I had it done and it didn't really seem to bother her much anyway. Thanks again.
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No worries, I just read back over my reply, glad it made sense to you, I did not explain very well!!
I just found this post and thought I would reply since I too had my dds ears pierced while she was very young (she was only 7 weeks) and the piercer told me the same thing re doing both ears at once. I was like you and wanted both done at the same time as I thought this would be kinder however I was told that as the "guns" do not go off at the exact same minute that bubs would move too much and being that their ears are so tiny the holes would then be uneven. They did them one at a time and dd cried for maybe 5 mins if that. Good luck finding a peircer who will do them for you cos around here the majority will not pierce under 12 mths
Come over to Bendigo, I have a piercing gun, and I aint afraid to use it!! That being said, Jaz is bolt free and will be until she asks me, I think I said to Nikkiiii that I remember the pain of getting it done, so can Jaz!! heheh Yeps, mean mum here, nah not really, I want her to be able to look after them when she gets them done.
I Live in Adelaide too and just suggest it might be worth asking in Italian hairdressers or places with a fair few italians (not being racist or anything) as MOST italian's have their girls ears pierced as young as 6weeks. It might be simply worth calling and asking how old they are. I know a place up at Tea Tree Plaza that do them from about 3 months or so but probably not much help if you are in western burbs'.

My best friend had her little girls done at 5months (Italian background) and she had them done one at a time. Sometimes they recommend the Emugel (Numbing cream from the chemist) to numb bubs ears before getting it done. Just ask your chemist for it. They will know what it's called (Not sure if i spelt that right) They use it before tattoos as well.

Best of luck.

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I got our babies ears done in TTP, in the hairdressers opposite pets paradise on the bottom floor. They were great and she had them done 1 at a time too. It was around $25 with little studs, which we took out the next day, the hairdresser said they dont recommend it but that you can, and we wanted her gold hoops in asap in case she had a reaction to the jewellery like our eldest did.


*expecting no.4 in November*

Hi all... I just noticed that this topic is really old. My little one is 1yr old & got a pair of beautiful earrings from her uncle for her birthday. Does anyone know where I can get her ears pierced with plastic stud or sleepers rather than the metal ones in Western Adelaide?

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