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Hi guys,
My friend is so depressed after her husband left her. She and her husband are trying to conceive a baby for so long. But after nothing's happened her husband just left her. Fights started. Problems started. Many of the problems they faced an then they decided to leave each other of course it's not a best decision but it's good for them I am so much worried for her right now. She is exhausted. She is i depression. I gave her so much moral support that she required. I am asking you all to give her some moral support an tell her that good things are going to happen from her.
Hey there extremely sorry to hear about what your friend is going through.I am sure it must be really difficult to cope with all this. It is sad that your husband would leave you just because you are unable to conceive. Tell her that the technology has improved and she can still conceive. She can go for IVF or even surrogacy. Both these treatments are the treatments of the day. She shouldn't feel sad about someone who left but instead feel sorry for him. Ask her to research about these methods. The clinic I opted for helped me a lot as well. They were the ones who guided me about all of this. They told me about how progressing these treatments are. I honestly was so much at ease after signing up with the clinic. They ensured that not even a single step taken was wrong. You need to work with people like these who are at least responsible. I would honestly recommend her to visit the clinic and seek help.
Hey! I feel very sorry for your friend. She's going through the worst time of her life. The point where the husband should've been there for her, he left. This is what society is nowadays. It's not her fault at all that she can't conceive. Why is she getting punished!? If she really wanted a baby then why didn't she go for surrogacy or even adoption? It could have helped a lot. Maybe the relationship wouldn't break. Anyway, things are different now. She has to stay strong. Hope is the key to success. That man didn't deserve her. She'll get a much better man who will support her in every way. God makes plans for everyone. Don't worry. Everything will be fine one day. I hope she gets her happiness back. Good Luck!
Sorry to hear about your friend. Infertility is really difficult for individuals and couples.
Hey. I'm very sad to read this message.
It's very difficult for many people to understand what it's like to be infertility, because they did not go through it themselves. People really do not understand what you are experiencing, and therefore make offensive comments.
I know that people often did not talk about their difficulties, thinking about their treatment, but they usually found that as soon as their families knew, they tried to support themselves. It is a pity that you did not go well. The closest person in a difficult minute did not help. I think you will be fine. Think about your options. You gave a lot of advice. Choose the best option. Make your move. And you will be the mother of a wonderful baby. Good luck dear.
Your post made me really sad. I feel so bad for her right now. Nobody deserves this. For all we know, the guy could be the reason they couldn't conceive. Yet he still left her. People are just sick these days. They are heartless. I hope things better for her. I think this is for her own good. Good riddance.
Nice to see you caring for her. Of course, good things are gonna come her way soon. She just has to remain patient till they do. A man leaving you for a baby is not worth living with anyway. Try to make her see the bright side of things. Be there for her. You are doing a good job, my friend. Much love for you and your friend.
Hi there! I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. It seems as though she is going through one of the most difficult things a woman can go through. Many women also go through the same thing. There are support groups based around helping women like your friend to grow and make it through times like this. There are also many ways to have a child other than the traditional way. There are many options such as IVF and finding a surrogate. Though it may be difficult to face this time in her life, always remind her that she is strong. This is not her fault. As for her marriage that is something that can be worked on also. Counseling is available for exactly this situation. All you have to do is look and find a counseling service that best fits their needs. No matter what remind her that she can get through this. She may feel lost and alone and like this is her fault. Keep reminding her that it is never her fault! Sit down and talk with her about all the other options available to her.
Hey everyone.I am feeling sad that your friend facing this.I am sorry to hear to suffering from this.I can understand she is not feeling better and upset too much.But I had to tell her she is not alone.There are so many women facing this kind of problem.Everything happens for our own good.Try to believe in yourself. She is not alone.We all are with her.Nothing is Everlast.there is always some hope at the end of the period.Her life does not end at that point.Rather her life starts from there.Keep believing in good things.It will happen in her life soon.There is always happiness after sadness.Keep her thinking positive and believe in that good things are waiting for her in future.You also very supportive and helping person for her.Try to give her some good company and to stable her life.Good luck.
i am feeling sorry for your friend. She is bless to have a friend like you in her life. She needs your's support in her life right know. This is the most difficult situation in her life. She is not having a baby and in addition to that her husband is not supporting. Take care of her, and please give her confidence to live happily and have a baby in her life. So that she can enjoy her life. One day she will have a baby, many women are facing infertility problems but it doesn't mean she quite her hope to have a baby. There are so many other option to have a baby in her life. Best of luck to her.
I am so sorry to hear about your friend. This is really so depressing. It is such a difficult thing to handle. Your friend is going through a lot. Did they visit some doctor? Did they know the reason of not being able to conceive?
You must talk to her husband about visiting a doctor. There are many ways to help them. Both of them are just depressed that's why he did this. I hope he will understand you.
Wishing luck to your friend.
Hello dear Pheobe. It is really ruthless of your friend's husband to leave her like this in her difficult times. This is the time when the spouses need each other. The real love of a better half is revealed when there is a problem. Tell your friend not to lose heart for someone who did not care for her. She can enjoy the pleasures of motherhood even when he is not around. She can adopt a child. Surrogacy and IVF can be really helpful too. Several ways are there to stay happy, she has to explore them and then decide for the best opportunity. There can be a chance to find an excellent companion in coming days who really cares for her and loves her. Right now what she needs is hope and faith. It is really important to stay positive. Positivity can be a great strength for your friend. You can be a change maker for her too. Friends are really blessing in this situation. I wish your friend a really great future with loads of happiness and comfort.
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