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What games do you play with your toddler? Rss

Do you know some fascinate games to play with 6-7 y.o kids? pls share
What about escape rooms? I think it's a good way to become closer with your kid. I suggest the Quest Factory rooms, . I was there with my husband and 7 year old son in September. The staff suggested to try "The Knight’s Legacy" room 'cause it's ideal for beginners. Our son loved it so we will definitely visit this place next time.
My kids are fond oflight flash video games. Mostly they play online at for an hour per day. These games are available without installation and quite entertaning. I can suggest you to try Mario Barooka and Mikkey Bubble 3
I personally was very surprised when I found out that my 6 y.o. cousin plays Warcraft , didn't know it is simple enough for beginners and even kids. My son loves chess since 5 y.o., cards and even Uno, he also plays some iOS apps like Angry Birds and Asphalt.

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