1. Go small with big changes. Bottle to sippy cup? Cot to bed? Of course you want these transitions to go smoothly and quickly, but that can be overwhelming to your little one. Let him play with the new cup, or sit and read together in the new bed first. Once he’s used to the new sensory experiences, you can make the switch official.

2. Read to your child every single day. It helps build imagination and is time well spent.

3. Help your baby fall asleep on her own. Feed her at the start of your bedtime routine. After a bath, books, and cuddling, put her down while she’s drowsy but still awake. If you feed or rock her to sleep, she’ll always need your help to nod off.

4. Find your tribe. Identify the people you can call when you need to vent—friends who’ll give their opinion when you ask for it and keep their mouth shut when you don’t, and who would drop anything to be there for you and your family (and vice versa). Love them hard and thank them often.

5. Live in the now. You hereby have permission to stop worrying about your checklist—doing the laundry, pumping, buying nappies - and learn to be present with your baby. Enjoy your precious moments together.

What are your favourite parenting tips? We'd love to hear from you!