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Babies who hate car rides Rss

My bubs is 14 weeks old and hates the car. I feel like I have tried everything to help him but nothing has worked.
In the early weeks car rides were short 15 min trips, but when I was 4 weeks into my maternity leaves I received a frantic call from my work saying one of our staff members have been diagnosed with terminal cancer and they were desperate for my help. We decided to turn my office into a nursery so I could work and care for my baby all at the same time. This means I'm now commuting 45 mins to and from work each day and my baby screams every second. He has screamed so much he frothes at the mouth, vomits and has even had nose bleeds by the end of the ride. I'm desperate to find a solution to his hatred of the car.
Wow that's so good of your work to do that! (although i'm sure going to work and looking after baby is HARD WORK!)
Having baby crying non stop while you're driving is extremely stressful!!
My bub is 13 wks and we've had a few car rides with her screaming/crying...not fun!!
I have her in a capsule that clips into the car (and rocks) which is handy as I can get her in the capsule while in the house (or wherever we are).
She usually cries and hates being put into the capsule every time, so I have to make sure she is changed and fed first. Then I will have a bottle of EBM or formula ready for any top-ups while she's in the capsule....usually she will need to be rocked (in the capsule) or given a pacifier until she's sleeping/napping. Then I will take her down to the car and hope for the best....
This process can sometimes be quick and easy or other times I will have to keep repeating the process...or worst case have to take her out of the capsule if she wont settle...give her cuddles, then back into the capsule and try it all again....takes a lot of time/prep to leave the house sometimes!
I find that if she's not settled or napping/sleeping before we get into the car she has a hard time settling herself in the capsule.
She usually naps well through the day and has a good night sleep...I think she likes the car rides but she's just not a fan of the capsule sad
Good luck with everything!

Do you still have the newborn insert in the seat? Could be making him uncomfortable.
Also take the cover off the seat and check there are no sharp bits of plastic that could have been missed during manufacturing and could be digging into him.
Try a tablet with a kids show on it on the head rest of the seat to hopefully distract him.

Yeah we took out the newborn insert and checked over the seat and buckles to make sure he was comfortable. We put up sunshades to make sure the sun wasn’t in his face or that seeing to movement out the window was making him upset. We tried mirrors and a little DVD player but still didn’t have any luck.... then one day I was completely out of ideas, I was frustrated and turned some music on to drown out him screaming and he just stopped crying. I had micheal buble playing and he seemed to like it and ever since then if I play micheal buble he stops crying (any other music he continues screaming)... it seemed different but apparently he really like micheal buble lol
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