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New job and pregnancy Rss

I am 11 weeks pregnant. I applied for an internal job and have accepted it but have not announced I am pregnant. Is this wrong of me? I am part of a union but don't trust any of the reps by asking them and the one who I wanted to contact is away on leave. This is my dream job. My baby is a miracle baby. Any feedback would be great smile
Honestly if it's more money and will be better long term for your family and your career (i.e. having a better job/experience on your CV) then I would say go for it. Just be prepared for some backlash from work, and decided now how you will deal with it. I am a manager and to be honest I would be p*ssed if a staff member did this, but only because it would inconvenience me, (recruitment is a pain), but I would totally understand from their perspective why they had done it.

I was in a similar situation recently, where I wasn't pg but was TTC and was thinking of applying for a job internally, but was REALLY worried about getting the role and then announcing I was pg, and thinking my new boss would hate me. I fell pregnant last month, so I've decided just to stay where I am for now, but I know how you feel. Sometimes you just have to be selfish and make the right decisions for you!

Thanks for your feedback manicstarling smile

I applied for the job prior to knowing I was pregnant. Interviewed the day I officially found out. Morally, I feel I doing wrong, but within reason.

Definitely my dream job and a tad bit more money and multiple pluses on the experience side.

I am supposed to start 1/10, heard today, so technically, they will get 5 months hopefully good quality months from me.

I'm definitely going to think how I will respond to them. ????

Congratulations too ????
Congratulations on your pregnancy smile

We have an article on our site on Pregnancy Discrimation In The Workplace which you may be interested in reading.

All the best,
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