Hey all.

Would love some advice. My dd who is 3.5 yrs calls my dp dad as he's been in her life longer than real dad. Ds doesn't which is fair enough as he's older he refers to him by his first name and that he's his step dad. tOver the weekend my dp and I had a wedding to go to so ds and dd went and had a sleepover at nannas ( my parents ). Ds was talking to my mum and said to her he hates living with us. And that dp is his step dad not his real dad etc. once they got dropped off to us ds had a melt down after I asked for the tv to be turned off yelling and crying at me telling me he hates me and he wants to go live in Sydney with his dad. This isn't the first time he's done this went through a phase about 6 months ago. The last time he seen his dad was Christmas last year they are aeeing him this Christmas too. The last time he spoke to him was the 21/9. I understand he misses him etc. I'm not sure if he wants to move because me and dp ( stepdad) have rules routine etc no xbox during the week and 2 hours on a weekend etc. we go out motorbike riding with him do plenty of things. I'm just stuck and was awake all night devastated do we wait and see how he is after they come back at Christmas time and let him go if he still wants to or do we flat out refuse and keep him here with us and his sister.
I'm so sorry it's so long! And not making much sense