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I was wondering what tips busy mums have for remembering to do things?

I'm a mum of a 3yr old, 18 month old and 32 weeks pregnant with our 3rd nd my head is blahhhhh. I am so forgetful with things. Paying bills on time, making calls I'm supposed to, chasing things up etc. (hardest thing is we have our own business and I'm in charge of accounts so it's really effecting things)

What are peoples tips nd tricks to remembering things?
I am at my computer every day so it's where i put a weekday pad and under each day i write what i need to remember.
I have an AWFUL memory. I'd be lost without it.
We have a table that I have done up in word. Its just 4 columns and as many rows as I can fit on a page.
Each column is labelled as 'Bill', 'Due date', 'Amount' and 'Paid'. So when we get a bill in email or mail we print it out and fill out the details, but leaving paid blank. We just clip our bills and this sheet on top on a magnetic clip on our fridge and keep an eye on the due dates. We pay them as they come in due and then mark off the 'paid' column.

Hope that makes sense!!!!
Notes to oneself.... Whether left on the fridge, or kitchen bench or somewhere. My dh's been forgetting his tablets lately (and he has been taking them for years) so he has an alarm set every morning to go off as a back up reminder.
Everything I need to remember now goes in the calendar on my phone and I set an alert to remind me. I like it as can send the reminder to dp's phone as well if it's something he needs to know

I buy a yearly diary with a day per page to record Everything and bills I try and pay per fortnight. That way (when I do it properly grin) I shouldn't owe much at all when I get a bill so it doesn't matter if I forget. I write lists and try to be really organised. (Which doesn't come naturally. I have had to make myself and work at it)
We have a big white board which covers 3 months. Each member of the family has a different coloured marker, and their stuff goes on in that colour. Combined stuff is another colour with reminders in red. For day to day stuff, I use a checklist on my iPad, that I can add to and check off as I go.
nursenellie wrote:
Everything I need to remember now goes in the calendar on my phone and I set an alert to remind me. I like it as can send the reminder to dp's phone as well if it's something he needs to know

We do the same, we have synced our calendars on our phones and all information goes on there. Love the fact that it sends me reminders and that I don't have to keep repeating myself to DH and he can just check his phone
Go old school buy yourself a diary, when you need/think of a reminder write it in, when a bill is due - stick the hard copy either in the diary itself or place it into a bills to be paid file but make a note of the bills due date in the diary. I use it to even make notes of who I called, what time and comments in the diary, when vouchers expire, birthdays etc.

This year is the first time I'm going electronic but it's a pain, and if I switch phones I loose when everyone's birthday is. Being pregnant plays with your memory, it's normal!
We have a calendar on the fridge. All things are on there. Kids sport days, news, homework, excursion, house days. Then we add other things like if we are catching up with friends, DH and the kids have season footy tickets so when footy is on. Birthdays etc all go on the calendar.

With the bills. We pay for everything on our credit card and it is payed off once a month. So when I get the bills next time I log on to the bank I set up the bpay payment for a future date so it is automatically paid. Don't have to think about it again.

Could not survive without the calendar. Find what works for you.

I'm a list person. I always have been because I don't need to be pregnant to forget things. Lol.
I have to use a white board wink
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