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Help with Wii purchase please!' Rss

Hi, I laybyed a Wii U Skylanders pack which comes with a Wii U console and Skylanders game. What else do I need/should I get to use the Wii U?

I am clueless on this smile

Aka G&L smile

If you don't have any answers by tonight, I will ask my dh, that's part of his job smile
Thanks smile I would hate to get to christmas morning and to have missed something!

Aka G&L smile

Who did you layby through, just so he knows what pack you're getting?
Big W

Aka G&L smile

You might want to get some wii U controllers so you can play multiplayer.

Do you know if it's skylanders swap force? Or just Skylanders? If it's the swap force, then you might want to get some extra characters to switch around. I don't think that's totally necessary-you could always get them after Xmas.
Thanks smile

Aka G&L smile

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