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To send to school in 2015 or 2016 Rss

~Ruby~Gloom~ wrote:
Don't SA do 2 intakes? One at beginning of the year and another mid-year?

SA do one intake at the beginning of the year. Cut off date is the 30 April.

Everything happyhead is how it is for us.

DS was born in the middle of April so he will be one of the youngest in his class. The way we see it is that under the 'old' intake he would start reception in May Term 2 but only do 3 terms of reception. This way he will start in January and get 4 terms of reception. We think its better as he will get an extra term of reception.
Yes, he will be younger and we hope he won't be disadvantaged. But they are all individuals and have their strengths and weaknesses anyway. Regardless of when they start school.

It does seem weird seeing DS with some of the kids he will be at school with as he seems so much younger. But a lot can change in 3 years smile
The exception to the one intake rule is independent schools, they do as they please. DECD schools, lutheran and catholic schools do one intake.

Another reason I personally do no like independent schools smile But thats off the topic! smile
I know I've asked before but forgotten! But what age do kids start high school in NZ?

In SA its:

Kindergarten (kindy)
Aged 4
They do 15 hours a week

Primary School
Aged 5: Reception
Aged 6-12: Year/Grade 1-7

High School
Aged 13-17: Year/Grade 8-12

There is also what we call 'junior primary, upper primary, middle school, senior school' But thats more a way of categorising multiple year levels. Its a term used internally more then by community. IYKWIM!
maddis*mum wrote:
The school system here NZ seems so much easier. Generally a kid turns 5 & they start school.
The primary school my DD1 goes to has an intake every 2 weeks. There are 18 in her class & their birthdays are all within about 6-7 weeks of each other.

I can't imagine being a teacher and getting a new student every 2 weeks!
I am a teacher and getting a new student/s every 2 weeks would suck!! Much prefer the 1 intake, though I did work in England where they had 2 intakes but the kids just graduated from the nursery class that was at the school so there was continuity and wasn't too bad.

NSW cut off is turn 5 by July 31st - pretty sure it is the latest in Australia. That's why I find it strange a school would recommend Jan babies be held back. Pretty sure public schools can't recommend that - they have to accept anyone in area within the cut off date. Of course private, catholic and independent schools can do what they want!

Think it's about time the school system was the same across Australia, especially with the introduction of the Australian curriculum. And the same name used for the first year of school - gets so confusing sometimes trying to work it out smile

tarstars wrote:
Think it's about time the school system was the same across Australia, especially with the introduction of the Australian curriculum. And the same name used for the first year of school - gets so confusing sometimes trying to work it out smile

Here, here! smile smile
maddis*mum wrote:
Usually 11, but they can be as young as 10.

Thanks! I'm guessing its similar to what we would class as middle school...
Raspberry Sundae wrote:
High School starts at Y9 and the children are usually 13 turning 14 during that year.

Intermediate starts at Y7 and they are 11 turning 12 during that year.

This is my experience anyway.

Ah ok! I know you have explained it to me before RS, I just couldn't remember!
Raspberry Sundae wrote:

I think it is ok because the new entrant class is often a settling in class then they are grouped in to a class room lot then transferred together from there. Each term a new class opens for that terms group.

This is what happens where my kids go.

Oh I see! I was imagining a reception class getting a new student every 2 weeks for the entire year!
I thought "Gee, your teachers must be amazing!"
Yes, I believe in NSW, the cut off is they must turn 5 by 31 July in the year they start school. And it seems from the responses above, that in NSW, there are no mid-year intakes. So, I still can't understand how 19.5% of children are already 6 by the time they start school in NSW. Are the only kids who can start school when they turn 6 are the ones who have birthdays during the Dec/Jan school holidays? Because if they turn 6 in early December - school is compulsory when they turn 6 (ie, they should have started school when they were 5 years and 1 month old) and they can't wait until the following year when they are 6 and 1 month old. Surely 19.5% of children can't be born in the summer holidays (and that's assuming all of these kids are "held back")?

anyway, if the statistic is correct, then I won't be sending my kids to school at 4.5... In fact, if the statistic is correct and I had a Jan baby, I would not send her to school at 5 years either! Although my gut feeling is the Jan babies starting school at age 5 would be in the middle of the year in terms of age (and Jan babies starting school at age 6 would be quite rare) - are there any teachers (or other staff at schools) out there who can shed any light on the average age of kids at school these days? Please help
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