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My DD has health issues Rss

Big hugs happy head, it doesn't sound like fun.

I have my fingers crossed for you guys. Good luck. Ill be thinking of you on Friday. Keep us posted!
I'm sorry to hear of all that happy head. I hope procedure goes smoothly.

I'll be thinking of you.
Sorry to hear all of that. Hope all goes well Friday. GBH
So sorry to hear that you are having a tough time with your DD2. I hope that all goes well on Friday.

Thinking of you and your family.

I feel for you having the to fast during the day. I was luck that when one of our twins had surgery it was in the morning so just no breakfast. Can you wake her up early and give her some breakfast?

I hope that you get good results.

Fingers crossed there's nothing more serious to be found and Friday comes and goes as smoothly as possible for you both. Poor little one! Poor you!

Fingers firmly crossed for you guys on Friday. Xxx

How awful for both of you sad

Good luck for Friday. Hope it all goes well and the DVDs work.

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Best of luck for Friday. I will be thinking of you guys. xx

Sorry to hear this, it all sounds pretty stressful :/

The fasting is hard! Is it definite she can't even have water until 2-3 hours prior? These days it's pretty standard that they can inc with endoscopy but perhaps there's a specific reason why not in her case? Not trying to interfere just thinking of how the morning could be made a little more comfortable / bearable while watching my little ponys smile

All the best for Friday, hope it all goes well smile
sad All I can suggest is prepare her for it, and explain that she needs an empty tummy so the doctor can take special pictures of her tummy without any toast or yogurt getting in the way cause it will block the lens - imagine yogurt getting rubbed all over the camera lens they wouldn't be able to see to take any photos!

You could ask her if she could think of anything special to do while waiting / not eating and go get a "treat" today like the DVDs but a sticker book or something that she can choose herself? And that you'll do it with her and not eat / drink (but make sure you do in secret, you need you're energy for her!)

They seem to cope surprisingly better when told the facts - might not stop the whinging at the time of fasting but you can reassure yourself your being honest with her. The dr can show you both the pictures afterwards and she'll see he got good shots without food in the way smile

Sorry for the ramble, you may have already gone thru all that!
Sounds like you're doing all the right things already smile
Thank you for the update! sad gbhs to you and your little girl. I hope she doesn't get a bad cold and her lip is bett quickly. Fx for good results.
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