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Mum always screaming at kids Rss

Hey all,

Not too sure what to do! There is a girl nearby that has 2 both look about 2. About 6 weeks ago I was out the front I could hear her screaming at them not just normal yelling like any fed up mum would do when kids are being terrors this was full blown screaming. I was a little shocked but thought nothing of it then over the last 6 weeks I have been hearing her every single day and it's getting worse I hear her screaming at them calling them horrific names ( little fing C bombs etc) because they won't eat their lunch or get out of her Fing bedroom things like that. The other night I was woken at 2am (all doors and windows were shut) by screaming I ran outside to see what was going on and realized it was her going off at these 2 little kids smashing things etc. I called the cops by the time they got here it was an hour after and nothing happened. I'm not sure what to do I feel so sorry for these boys I understand it's hard being a single mum there has been a few times I've yelled at my 2 for being terrors but never like that. Advice would be good

1st baby due start of sep

Not sure if there is really much you can do. Doesn't sound bad enough for child protection to interfere but maybe give them a call and ask for advice. Maybe there is some sort of group to help support mums that have trouble coping etc. It's not a good environment for kids to be in that's for sure. Poor kids
What Demonica said.

Other than that, if you were brave enough to approach her and find out if she needs help or a hand with anything without judging her. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of kindness and sympathy from someone else.

It's so sad for the kids though, because unless her behaviour towards them changes they will grow up just like her.
I was thinking about going over but I don't know. I feel so sorry for the little munchkins there is one that stands at the window always looking out. Breaks my heart. I might just go across and see if she's in a mothers group and just say I was looking for one with women sim I age or something

1st baby due start of sep

Calling DOCS seems a bit excessive if this is new behaviour. If you have kids around the same age, could you ask if she would be interested in them all having a play date? She might just need an hour to herself every so often to recharge. Once that window of conversation has opened you might be able to slip in local playgroups into the conversation or how to go about childcare a couple of times a week. Sometimes, everything just seems impossible and the pressure builds.

Anyway, that's just my 2 cents. GL, it's a tough situation to be in.

All that said though- if this behaviour continues after you have reached out or seems to be getting worse at any point, I would call DOCS to ask what needs to happen now. Not to make a report exactly, just to touch base and find out if it needs to be reported or what not.
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