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Twins - Capsules Vs Car seats Rss

Hello fellow Huggies friends !!!

I would like your advice on twins. I have my heart set on a Tanden Stroller ( I think that's what there are called were they sit behind each other not side by side. I was wondering how many twin mums out there had capsules? Or just used the appropriate car seats. I will be transporting my babies allow a lot as hubby works away. Any advice would be great smile

Thanks again Hollie

When my brother had his twins it was a matter of finding and buying the car seat that would fit their car, being twins you need to put one behind each of the front seats, they had a Susie forester and so were really restricted by what could fit in the rear facing position. It was a matter of taking each seat out to the car and trying it out. Not choice really.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

Im not a mum of twins but if you where buying carseats as apposed to hiring i would buy ones that transform with age and not worry about a capsule. It saves money in the long run. and if you are using a double pram then there is really no point to capsules
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