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Hi all,

Just have a question and would love some advice from people that have gone through sim experience. My ex partner and I decided that he would have the kids 3 weeks a year ( more if he could get more holidays ) he notified child support and they have put the care in at 85/15. This is a private agreement so no legal docs or anything. I was talking to him the other day and he informed me that because he started at a new job in feb he wouldn't have a lot of holidays by Christmas so he could only have the kids for 9 days. I was good and said that's ok I understand new job and all etc. he then tells me that he and his girlfriend are going to Hawaii together for 7 nights in November. I am furious I understood about not having enough holidays etc but to be goin away over seeing his kids
For the 3 weeks is quite sad. I was thinking about seeing a lawyer and getting something drawn up so he has to have them for the 3 weeks a year even 1 week in holidays and then 2 at the end of the year. I'm just not sure. Feeling a little lost. Sorry it's so long.

1st baby due start of sep

Sorry this is happening, but unfortunately even with a legal agreement you can't force him to have the kids. Definitely get some legal advice to find out more though.
That sucks tickled sad so unfair on your friend. I find it really hard to understand too as I have the opposite problem, a boy (almost young man) who is desperate to feel accepted by his father and a Dad who almost never sees him. In my experience using the legal system it seems only to work for those parties that are both willing to make it work, which ironically probably means they dont need the system in the first place.
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