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How do you unfold a safety 1st quicksmart stroller??? Rss

I recently purchased a secondhand safety 1st quicksmart stroller I didn't realise there was no instructions and cannot get in contact with previous owner
Does anyone know how to unfold and turn wheels around ?

Hope this helps, not sure which model you have.
Thanks but its different model the one I have has six steps
I've searches YouTube and googled it with no luck
Finally worked it out lol
Hi, I have just got 1 of these strollers and have the same problem. Are you able to tell us how its done? Thanks
It's not shown clearly in any of the YouTube videos. Once you have extended out the legs and the handles, you need to squeeze the handles together before you can swivel the wheels around. In the videos the person is usually kneeling astride the stroller so they can squeeze it with their knees. I find it easier to stand the stroller upside down on its handles, then squeeze it between my feet and use my hands to rotate the wheels.
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