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Families with 3+ children... gender & order born Rss

Hi Ladies. Curious to see if you have 3+ kids what are their genders? We want 3 kids. I wonder because I have two girls already are my chances higher of having the opposite? Or is it still just 50/50 smile


I have 3 girls (6,5,2.5) and ttc number 4 (was hoping for a boy, but now I just don't care lol but if it was a boy id be a tad more excited lol)

I have 3 older boys (12, 10 & 6) and gave birth 7 weeks ago to another boy smile.

2 boys then a girl. Had to get my head around the concept of possibly having 3 boys before we started ttc for number 3. We did try one thing to help us with having a girl, and got pretty luck smile

80sBaby wrote:
3 girls here. But I'd say you still have a 50/50 chance of having a boy. It's always a 50/50 chance isn't it lol

That's what im curious about.. If there is two children of one sex are you more like to have the same the third time or have the opposite, or is it just random 50/50 smile

Ilovemylilbugs wrote:
I had a girl then twins (girl & boy) then had a little boy 9 weeks ago smile
I think it just comes down to timing more then anything unless there's a genetic reason have you looked at methods of swaying your chances?

No need to sway. We are happy with either. Hubby would love a boy and I would love to give him one, but I also think it would be super cool to have another girl. I never had a sister and for my girls to each have two sisters would be awesome!

Curious One & The Curious Two wrote:
Me I just a boy and girl

but my mum had 3girls then a boy then a girl then a boy then 2more girls

Mil had a boy then 4 girls then 2 more boys

Wow T big family

In my family it's only me then my brother, but my Nan had 2 boy's then 3 girls.
Girl then twin boys. We thought that we would never have boys because of the field that my DH works in. We have studies to prove our chance of having boys was very low. 3 girls to 1 boy was proved in the study. So I think that it is just a 50/50 chance no matter what the studies say. We went against the odds.

Good luck.

We have 2 girls (5.5; 21months) and our lil boy was stillborn last year. We are ttc #4 and are not fussed as long as its healthy.

I'm one of 7 and it goes boy,boy,boy, girl, boy, boy, girl.
We have DD1 6yrs, DS1 5yrs, DD2 3yrs and DS2 16months!

I was one of three girls and DF was one of two boys!

We never tried to sway it one way or the other, although we planned to with no. 4 (only by timing) but we had a bad couple of nights with DF being a jerk and the kids not being well!

We were very lucky to end up with four healthy kids and it was just an added bonus to have two of each!

Im the youngest of 7 mum had a girl then 4boys then my sista thn me .

My big brother has 3boys and 2girls
My 2nd oldest brother has 1 boy
My 3rd brother has boy and girl
My 4th brother has 4girls
And i have a girl .

my mum had 10 kids-8 girls 2 boys (boy-4 girls-boy-4 girls) weird!

I have 2 Girls and a Boy. My boy is to my DP and my girls are to my ex DH. I was convinced that I was having another girl but I was wrong smile

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