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How did you meet your Partner/husband Rss

So.....I am just being curious as to how everyone met your Partner/Husband. I met my partner on an Internet Dating site. I was a full time working single mother of 2 and thought that the only way I would really meet someone (apart from the Pub) was to try the internet. Filled in my evenings after the kids had gone to bed. I had to weed out the dickheads and pysco's first tho. Nearly 3 years later and a beautiful baby boy, we couldnt be stronger. Who would have thought that internet dating can actually work. smile

I met my DH when he came to fix my friends car when it broke down out the front of my house. That was 5 years ago now.

I met my husband through a mutual friend. well kinda. the friend told me about him and gave me his name and number. i was too shy to text or call him so i looked him up on facebook. facebook stalker!.... i know! laugh
He seemed nice so I added him and he knew who I was cause our mutual friend had told him about me as well. So we just spent about a month chatting online and then we met in person in a kinda complicated way. My ex-bf had broken up with me about 6 months before and we were still friends and still hung out. I was trying to win him back but it wasnt going to well. Anyway he was friends with DH and my mutual friend as well and had been introduced to my now DH so they were kinda friends. well at the time DH didnt have a place to stay so was staying at my ex-bfs house on the couch. So i snuck out of home one night (yes I would do that often cause my mum was a bitch) and my ex-bf, DH and I went to Denny's at 2am! laugh
So thats when I officially met him and it was love at first sight. Well we didnt actually start going out till about 3 weeks later. So cute though.....
I had snuck out of home (again.... i know!) and DH and I went to Esquires in the city. So we are sitting there drinking coffee at 1am and there is music playing in the background. Taylor Swifts Love Story was playing and he asked me if i wanted to be his gf. the music wasnt planned or anything it just happened. So from then on Love Story has been our song. grin

I met my husband on a dating site, it was quite funny because we were both only looking for a one night stand and had no intentions of it being anything more. Well 6yrs and 3 kids later here we are grin

I knew the first night he picked me up (4hrs late and drunk!) that I would marry him and he always says I'm the most expensive one might stand he's ever had laugh laugh

I met my hubby 6years ago at the family night club in brissy- not a one night stand tho haha
We exchanged numbers and we met the next day for coffee and were inseparateable since smile

Little Miss's wrote:
Highschool sweethearts. Hung around in the same circle and were friends first then went to a party when I was 15 (turning 16) got blind drunk and 'made out' laugh . Then started dating before we became 'official'. Been together since and that was nearly 12yrs ago. smile

We're also high school sweethearts. Had not met each other before yr 11 (15 turning 16) as he had only started at our school the year earlier. Turned out we were in all the same classes and none of our friends were, so in biology we became prac partners and it all just went from there. Have now been together 8 years and our 4th wedding anniversary is next month

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I met my dh on an internet dating site. I had done this sort of thing before. I am an introvert and struggle to put myself out there. This way it was like shopping online for a new pair of shoes (but a man instead). My dh is an introvert as well so he did the same sort of thing.

We are happily married with a 3yr old ds and my 17yr old dd from my first marriage. The family I have always wanted is now a reality.

I met DH when I was 15, I was going out with his friend lol. I was with his friend for 3 years and after we broke up I saw DH in a different light! We've been together 7 years in October, married for 5 smile
I met dh at work. I actually liked someone he worked with but the guy didn't feel the same. One day he asked me out just as I was leaving work and gave me his number. The poor guy was shaking like a leaf. I had no idea he liked me. That was 16 and a half years ago and we have been married for nearly 12 and a half years and have 2 beautiful girls. I'm a very lucky lady. smile

Hmm I met mine on a New Year's Eve on a beach. He was 21 and bought me my first alcoholic drink, I was 14!!! So bad!!! Lol
I ended up falling asleep on the beach, and woke up with my best friend trying to pick me up to take me back to my bed (we were camping). I realised I was Lying on top of him (fully clothed, nothing happened, not even a kiss). I jumped up and started crying about it an my friend took my to bed. He was concerned and came looking for me to see if I was okay, and I hid so he couldn't find me.

He was a friend to both my brothers, so a couple months later I felt really bad and got his email address off my brother so I could say hi and maybe we could just be friends as I didn't want anything more than that.

Many emails later and on my 15th birthday he rang me and I blurted out that I loved him, and he hung up on me!!! LOL

The next night he rang me and told me he loved me too but I kinda freaked him out when I told him.

13 years later and here we are. Pretty funny way of getting together... Lol
At our wedding the celebrant said 'k and a met on a beach in port l.'

And everybody laughed. Lol !

My DH is best friends with an ex of a good friend of mine. I was sober driving at a party, DH came with his best mate, who recognised me and we had a big chat and I only spoke to DH at start of night.

I had no hair as I had shaved it off due to being hypomanic, and was wearing a wig. As I was leaving, DH asked for my number to which I said "You know I have no hair ae?" and he said yes, and that he'd text me tomorrow. I had nothing to lose so gave him my number.

He text me the next day, I was diagnosed with Bipolar 5 days later, and we lived out of each others pockets since.

I told this story as my speech at our wedding, but didn't say why I had no hair, most people know. One friend then came and asked "Omg, did you have cancer? And bipolar? That's rough!!" Oops, should hve explained that a bit better haha.

We worked together in a local bar. I was a newly solo mum who needed a friend and that friend turned out to be my soul mate. I grow to love him more and more every second... even in his caveman like moments smile

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