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Going off the age difference thread... How did you and your DP/DH meet?? Rss

As the topic states smile Whats your story???

Me and DH....
We were destined for eachother, although only found that out after we started going out. My dad and his dad were best friends in school, but that kinda changed when my dad moved cities. My mum and his mum were best friends in school too, his mum was even bridesmaid for my mum, but his mum shifted to Perth. I even have a baby card from his mum, dad and DH wink

When i was 15 we moved to Perth, and i went to the same highschool as him, but we were in different classes. He became great friends with my two older brothers, so i knew who he was and saw him at my brothers parties but thats about it. Then my brother got married and i was a bridesmaid and he was a groomsman. I still didn't really notice him much but apparently he thought i was kinda alright wink we met again the following week at the airport cos my brother moved overseas and then started messaging on facebook, then emails and text and well, now we are married with a gorgous baby girl smile

That's a fantastic story - you definitely were meant to be!

My DH and I met at my cousin's (DH's best friend) 21st, we clicked instantly although I didn't realise how much we did click and how much I did like him until the next day when I missed him laugh We pretty much spent the whole night talking, I don't even remember saying much to my family, I only remember talking to him!
We started seeing each other very soon after (within a week), then 6mths later moved in together and just over a year after we met I was pregnant with DS. We're just about to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary in March, and will also celebrate 10yrs of being together in June grin
Thats sucha sweet story! I love how yous were always just one inch away from that 'love connection'. Lol smile

Me and dp worked together... I was the bar manager and he was the security guard at nights. He became one of my best friends and we used to chat all the time before we decided to go on a date that lasted the entire day. He was sucha sweetheart, took me to Waiheke Island where we just enjoyed the sun and beach, caught a boat ride back and went to the movies in town and then some little Asian restaurant before taking me home again. A week later was Valentines and again he swept me off my feet and from then on we've been inseperable smile
Love him to pieces grin grin grin

i was DH's boss laugh i was 16 and just got a supervisior postion at a local retail store... they hired dh and we instantly became good friends hanging out together all the time and that was pretty much it now we have been together for nearly 9 years and married for 7 smile

we met in high school but only started dating a few years later
we went to school together but did not get together until the xmas hols after yr 12 ( end of school party)

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

My DH & I met over the internet on a dating site.

through a mutual friend. although we didnt actually meet in person first. our friend asked me if i would like to meet a single guy friend of his and i said sure thing so he gave me his number and name and i looked him up on facebook and added him. so we chatted for a while on facebook before ever meeting which was only two weeks later. it was love at first sight..... i had already gotten to know his personality through some really long facebook messages and he was a great guy and was even better in person.

Our parents are friends, so we played together as children. At 10, he was jumping out of the wardrobe trying to catch me getting dressed! We used to dress up with make up as Kiss.

We lives in different states, so I'd only see him once in a rare while. At 16 I visited him with my Dad and he took me to the movies. He was a sophisticated, worldly-wise 18 year old (so I thought!) and I was smitten...but didn't see him for many, many years. I now know he never forgot me, either.

In our early 30s, my Dad bumped into him and invited him to come to stay and I agreed to take him to the footy. We became great friends instantly, and eventually I made a move! That turned into a wonderful long distance relationship for quite a few years until he moved here, we married and had our son smile
We met on a dating site!

We decided to meet up purely with the intention of having a one night stand and well 6yrs later here we are grin I knew that night I met him that we would get married lol

He always says I'm the most expensive one night stand he's ever had laugh laugh

My Dad worked with DH's aunty. One day dad mentioned that we were moving and she said that her brother was moving into the same estate so introduced our families. We lived 2 streets apart and as our families became good friends, we spend lots of time around each other ( I was 10 and he was 11). I became good friends with his sister but I had bit of a crush on him on and off for a few years. In our early teens, we became closer and when I turned 16 he made a move. For a year we were kind of together but it took until I was 17 for us to make it 'official'. After 3 years we got engaged and this year, we will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary:)
Mum Of 3 Cuties wrote:
We were set up on a blind date grin

I wasn't going to go to our office work do because I had just split with my bf at the time. Someone said aawww you have to come so I said find me a rich blonde and I'll be there. So she found me a rich blonde and the rest was history.

He is in actual fact a poor brunette smile But his name is Rich and he had dyed his hair blonde for a very short while just before we met. Destiny or what??? laugh

Haha, thats pretty cool. And my DH's name is Richard too!!!

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