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Mmm, yum! Rss

While picking up dirty clothes from DS's floor, I noticed his lunchbox sticking out of his school bag. I thought "whoops, I thought I'd washed that already!"...seeing as DS always eats everything in his lunchbox I wasn't prepared to feel some weight in it. I opened it up and there was an unopened yoghurt, phew I thought, at least it wasn't an open one, checked the other end, and see a nice little science experiment going on....

LMAO how long has it been in there???

I always find stuff like that I need to remember to always check lunchboxes lol.

and the stink is horrible hey ??

Forever, for always and no matter what

OMG the stink is gross - I'm surprised I couldn't smell it in his bedroom!!
It was there for around 5wks...of course the one time I forget to check his lunchbox is the one time he doesn't eat everything!

Oh, and I've now got a little dish full of bi-carb inside his lunchbox, trying to get rid of the banana smell!
I've never heard of that - but it's not plastic, it's a material of some kind, like an esky bag, would that still work?
I'd be too scared it would fall apart, and I don't have time to get a new one...hopefully the bi-carb works!
I would have not even opened it. it would have been out the door and in the bin quick smart

laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh

I had one of those a few weeks ago! blink

DP put the lunchbox on the counter after last day of term so I thought it was empty. Looked at it there for a few weeks and decided to finally put it away..was a bit shocked to find what I did! OMG....wanted to biff the whole lot; managed to salvage it though. I think there was a half a sandwich and maybe some crackers or something left inside.


thanks for the photo update wink

had a similar experience with DD1's school bag. I took out all the lunchboxes etc but didnt realise she had left a banana in the bottom of her bag...

2 weeks later on the night before school I made DH fish it out and lots of soap and scrubbing later (lucky it those canvas type school bags) and lots of airing out overnight the smell managed to disappear.

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Tesa - I didn't know it was in there, I opened it to wash it. But couldn't throw it in the bin anyway as he needs it and I dont have time to get a new one!

Chippie & Jazool - glad I'm not the only one to have experienced this grin

Oh and I had to share a pic Jazool - just wouldn't have been the same if I didn't wink
Nice! (not)

I'll have to admit, I did that a few times to my Mum (poor mum).
Both DD1 and DS1 have those cooler bags lunchbox covers.

DD1's was hot pink so got quite grubby by the end of third term so I just soaked both of them(figured I might as well do both), gave them a swish, rinsed them and then spun them dry in the washing machine.

They were completely dry by the morning (5-6hrs later) with no damage at all!

Wow! Never heard of freezing them either! Sounds great though! DF's mother always puts stinky korean food in my kids lunchboxes (to send home to us and we never eat it) if she picks them up from school.

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