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Postage a rip off? Rss

yep ripoff. i just recently returned an ebay item to the seller, i paid $7.95 to send it back. the label on the package had the postage amount on it...they paid $4.90..for the same item in the same packaging. it was from the UK...and yes that $4.90 is converted to Aus $$ from UK pounds =/
Aust post is the worst very costly to send stuff. but got a ruder shock the other day from a US site for a parcel weight less than 1 kg they wanted $170AU to send it. lets just say it is still there
well im a cheap ass if i have to pay postage i prob wont buy it. ill go to ebay and find free postage.
why wouldn't they charge postage? They have either still got to rent or have a mortgage on the warehouse to pay off.
so if you are selling on ebay are you going to send it for free?

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A&E wrote:
Akatex69 wrote:
well im a cheap ass if i have to pay postage i prob wont buy it. ill go to ebay and find free postage.

if buying of a private person thats fine with me. Its the online shops that bothers me.

thats what i mean. if im buying something thats from a private seller i have no probs with paying the postage i dont expect them to pay for it outta there pocket. its just the big business that charge a huge amount to send something really small and light that is a totall rip off i wont shop there. but in saying that if it was a big thing like a tread mill that is heavy and bulky i wouldnt mind so much. but to pay like $15 to send a dress that you buy for like $20 that dont way much at all i wont pay i think its a rip off... but like i said im a cheap ass. plus i dont often buy much off the net
I have brought a couple things from ebay where i thought when i got the item that the postage was too much & i told the sell & got some money back.

Hubby got something the other week where the shop charged him too much & he got them to refund the money back.

Hubby says the prices go up alot more than they should.

I charge postage when I sell on eBay... But I hate when people overcharge on there so I use the Australia post estimator and make sure I charge the right amount. I had a message from someone on there a few months back ask me why the postage was so 'exorbitantly expensive' at $6.60 for a regular sized parcel!! I felt like giving her a mouthful but of course as the seller had to keep it professional.... And direct her to the estimator.

I'm happy to pay reasonable charges for postage. But I do love it when they say free postage grin

I think it probably costs more money then you realise to post things. Sure it may be a warehouse, but that means they have to employ somebody to organise the posting of goods. In some ways it totally makes sense to pay postage and handling because they might be posting thousands of goods. Can you imagine the time it would take to pack goods for postage, especially if they are fiddly or fragile!

I know I gave up selling stuff on ebay as I was spending so much time driving to the post office and packing goods properly, I was only charging for the goods and whatever the postage actually was. I didn't want to rip anyone off, but it really did cost me in time. I can imagine for a business, they would be idiots for not charging for handling costs. They probably wouldn't be in business very long. Some of the bigger places may not charge postage costs, but I suspect they are established enough for it not to make a difference.
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