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Happy due date to me! Rss

Send me some labour vibes grin grin

Yay happy due date Hun!! grin Sending u all the labour vibes I can n hoping she makes an appearance for u very soon xx good luck for the impending birth smile

Thanks grin

I have my stretch and sweep this morning, praying that works for me lol so ridiculously over being pregnant now!!

Happy labour vibes and lots of chilli!!! grin Good luck!!

sending you all the labour vibes i can!! good luck!! Hopefully things will go quickly, smoothly and as pain free as possible for you

Ooh happy labour day!!! Hope the s&s gets things going x

Be Naive wrote:
Happy due date! I vote baby comes new years eve/day. That's what I have in my head but I'm always wrong anyway..

New years day would be nice, then she can start school a year earlier tongue laugh

But I don't think I want to be pregnant next week haha

sending you labour vibes. smile
good luck for the birth. hopefully the stretch and sweep gets it going.

ooooooo Good luck!!!!!! SEnding vibes now...... ------------->

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