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teething not in the genral pattern :-) Rss

My master 1yr old man has been really good when it comes to teething just seems he's not following the general teething pattern he gets teeth 2 at a time and has 2 down the bottom 4 up the top and his top molars one on each side have just started breaking through too lol

Anyone Else's lil people teethed in this type pattern? We have 5 bigger kids and this is a first for us lol

Yep my boys first teeth were one down the bottom at the same time as the one above it, then the other two came through at the same side. So he was a bit lop sided looking for a bit! Now he has the one to the left of the front tooth through an no others.

My kids teeth do weird things... Dd lost her first tooth age 4, I panicked thinking she had knocked it but nope, just young. At age nearly 6 she has 7 of her adult teeth already.

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