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Tattoos Rss

I have 4 tattos all around my body and my partner is covered smile I'm busy designing something at the moment to get for my little man thats due to arrive soon grin

I have 'Carpe Diem' in cursive writing on my back, it's quite small. DP has a dodgy home one when his best mate got a tattoo kit. Looks awful and he regrets it so much! He's getting it covered up early next year. When I have had bubs and have finished breastfeeding (so not for a while lol) I'll get something in relation to my daughter.
I only have 1 ATM its a heart with a scroll in the middle saying dad and ds 1's name up the top, ds 2's name down the bottom This is on my wrist.... I still have to add ds3 to it or get another one with "mum" in the scroll on my other wrist!! Plus there are lots more that i want to get!! DH doesnt have any yet but wants to get a couple.... just one problem... hes scared of needles lmfoa

commented twice sorry

I have 7 at the moment..

left leg - 18 diff size stars over my foot/ankle, rococo frame on my calf that will have my mountain in it (Mt Egmont/Taranaki)

right leg - a full thigh "short's sleeve" which is a japanese water scene, with a Hanya (japanese mask), chrsyanthemums, sakura blossoms, and yin-yang koi fish - also unfinished

lower back - tramp stamp haha, roses and scrolls all in black

back of neck - sisterhood celtic knot, which my sister has too

left ribs - pink rose (21st birthday present to myself)

right wrist - just the black keys from a piano..

DF has New Zealand over his left ribs, and it's like Taranaki is the sun, and the rest of the country is rays radiating out of it (if that makes sense!)

I have many more planned, but time and money, and unfinished tats to finish!

I've just got one at the moment, a fairy on my shoulder that I got when i was 18. I want to get a small horseshoe on my wrist for my dad because he loves horses and has a few racehorses, and I also want two feathers tied together for my kids and I want that on my foot smile DH has no tattoos he doesn't really like them lol.
I have a few ;
*my back is completely covered with a dragon on one shoulderblade, a wizard on the other, a phoenix rising out of flame in the middle of my back, and a celtic knot at the bottom.
* my shoulders have a celtic knot design from my back with roses incorporated through it and a moon in the middle on one, a sun in the other.
* my ankle has a daisy chain in honour of my late nana
* My right thigh has three adult fairys dancing around the celtic knot design, with roses and one big rose -representing my sisters(the fairies) and my mum (the rose)
* my left thigh has a rose and a child fairy resting against it - representing my daughter and the babies I lost.

I am getting one asap representing my hubby but am trying to decide what, my tattoos are all linked and quite feminine, other than my back and thats very personal to me, representing myself.

I am a teacher so it makes it quite hard as I only get tattoos where I can mostly cover them.

DP got his first one 3 weeks ago, a guardian angel with DDs name at the top. He'll get it finished after the baby is born & get it's name written underneath. I'm actually looking at tats now to see what I can get in the new year--something in relation to the kids, thinking maybe DP too..but not sure as I've always been told never to put someones name on your body lol

I have strawberries at the base of my neck between my shoulders on vines with leaves and little white flowers like on a strawberry plant and 2 little bees buzzing around them

Df has NOFX logo on his ankle, his surname on his shoulder and a teeny tiny smiley face on his foot that he just did for a laugh. We both want something to do with ds

I have two little ones one on back of lower neck and one on foot

Ive got my boys names on my wrist and a ta moko (maori tattoo) on my foot and i want so much more but il wait till im richer lol my partner has none he wants some but its not a big deal to him
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