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Dont you hate it when... Rss

You go grocery shopping and leave a bag of groceries behind which the check out chick would clearly have to realise but she doesn't bother to quickly bring your bag to you when you walk off?!!

Yep, this just happened to me laugh realised when I got home I didn't have the bag that had all my fruit and lettuce in it sad

Now I have to drag the kids back to the shop to buy it again gahhhh

Rosie Mumma wrote:
Yeah, I do!! But I hate it more when you bring the groceries home and fail to realise a big packet of steak has slipped under the carpet boot cover and you don't find it for like 2 weeks- and only then because the smell of rotting meat is so horrific you start checking your bonnet for dead animals. Yes, this has happened to me.......... tongue

laugh laugh

Ewwww!!! That sounds feral!

I just cbf going back to the shop now but don't really have a choice!

Maybe ring the shop up and tell them what u left, so they can make sure it has been taken to the front desk? And don't forget your reciept!
Ummm..... I hate to tell you this but as an ex check out chick when I finished serving one customer by handing them their change my focus goes to the next one, not where we placed the groceries. I know when shopping with kids their is a lot going on and a lot to distract you but I quick glance from you at the bag area would save a lot of hassles on both sides.
Just saying....
This is why I love aldi sometimes, no chance of leaving anything behind smile

but I've done it so many times at butchers, coles, woolies.. On occasion they've actually let me just go choose the groceries again for free (with the receipt) if somebody else has taken them or they haven't been brought to customer service (was a free range chicken I left behind once!). Most recently I'd bought sponges and carwash from another store and left it in my basket at the self service checkout. Got all the way home and had to go all the way back to find it, luckily someone had handed it in.

I ended up going to a smaller store and just bought the stuff again, too much effort going to the big shopping centre with the kids and DS was already overdue for his snooze!

I paid via eftpos while she packing the last bag and DS was literally standing up climbing out of the trolley seat while I was paying so it didn't even occur to me to check if I had all the bags. Wouldn't have been hard for her to quickly run them over to me since I was only at the next store...

Anyways, all good, got what I needed in the end grin

i used to work in grocery store when I was in uni, they have a "left behind" section. So you can go to the information section tell them you left a bag behind and they used to replace everything in the bag. Worth a try, next time you shop maybe.

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I use to work for a supermarket and we use to have to write down every item that someone left behind and the time they came threw & what check out.

I would ring them & see if they have them. You maybe able arrange to get them for next week shopping.

I understand the need to vent as it would be very frustrating indeed, but if the checkout operator were to leave the register wouldn't that just leave it open for other people to walk through with their groceries without paying?
I've done it once before and no one had handed in the bag so they just replaced the products. One thing I've hated is when they put cold products in with other things. One day I was in a rush when I got home to go out again so I just put the cold stuff away. When I got home again and put the rest of the stuff away there was meat in with the vegies! I know it was my fault I should of put it all away but it was just a tad frustrating at the time.

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