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need some help - hubby has just been made redundant Rss

DH has been told he is going to be made redundant, he had worked for this company for over 13 years. so as no idea where he needs to start. I know we need to go to centrelink but have no idea where to start?

if any of you lovely ladies could help us with information that would be great
i THINK if you go to centrelink and inform them he was made redundant etc they usually can get hubby on payments pretty much straight away.. they will talk you through everything you need to do
Just give them a call as soon as they open tomorrow, even a couple of minutes before to try to reduce waiting time on hold. I think they open at 8am but check the website. Is he getting paid out & if so does he know how much? You will need to adjust your estimated income and that amount will need to be included. Then I'm pretty sure all your payments will change from the next one unless you get a payment this coming week then might be the one after. I'm not totally sure on this but I'm pretty sure that's how it will go. He might also be entitled to an extra payment like new start or something. You might be able to check out the payment estimators on the website in the mean time. If you both need to talk about payments might even be easier to go in to a centrelink office. Just try to take bank statements, pay slips, a letter from his work if he got one, proof of rent or mortgage payments... That way you can show them everything & get it sorted straight away without being asked to return with more info. Good luck!

I'm not sure about this, but I heard somewhere that you cant access centre link until all the redundancy money has been used up.Good luck

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

First thing to do is call the Fair Work Infoline, they will be able to tell you what your husband is entitled to and if the employer hasn't paid correctly they can investigate it.

Go to centrelink asap - get things rolling. How much you get from them, and when you start getting payments from them will all depend on his pay out, and any other money you have saved.

My DH was made redundant last year, it took almost 8wks before we started getting any payments as we had money saved (about half of all our baby bonus money, which was for school), by then he'd found another job, and pretty much all our savings were gone.
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