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Help with a burn nurses please Rss

On Thursday last week I got a burn on my hand from very hot oil. Ran under water for 10 minutes it blistered straight away and the first lot broken open. Later that night a second lot formed and also broken open. Now the is a pocket of skin and it is weepy and does not look right to me. This is the worst burn I have ever had. I am just not sure what to do with it. As normally they would have scab over and dried out by this stage
firstly - ouchies

it is best to keep it covered & moist - with a lanoline cream or something similar. change the dressing every couple of days. Make sure you use gauze over the top of the cream, then bandage it up or however you decide to dress it.

i am not a nurse, but DS had a pretty bad burn last year & this is the treatment that we recieved...
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