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Just sounds like heartburn. I had it alot in the second half of my first pregnancy. Quickeze and mylanta are safe to take when you are pregnant and helped alot.

I found staying away from white bread and pastries helped too.
are you talking about heartburn/indigestion?

i have had it bad this time. i have to take tablets (zantac) everyday or i an in agony. from what i know basically it's the baby pressing on your stomach and that releases all the stomach acids up. just try to avoid acidic foods and lying down after a meal.

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

I had that when I was pregnant with DD. I didn't take anything for it. After she was born it stopped.

Yeah sounds like heartburn! Not always in the chest i think thats just when it gets worse! I never take anything for it but find milk sometimes give me a bit of relief from it if you dont wanna take anything!

It's heartburn, i had it with my last pregnancy & found yoghurt was the only thing that fix it.

I hated heartburn while preggas!! I found that mylanta in liquid form was the best I would take a swig of it and swallow without tasting it, then flush it down with milk smile hated those chewable ones!!

Yep, good old acid reflux. Milk can help and can make it worse. I find if it's really bad, a glass of milk (chocolate of course lol) initially to coat the throat and protect it a bit then sips of cold water regularly to dilute the acid helps. At night I find the best thing is to keep a bottle of water handy and just have sips of water.

Agree with pp's, sounds like heartburn! You're lucky you didn't get it with the other two though. If you end up getting some quick ese chews, try and find the berry flavoured rather than the mint! Unless ofcourse you like minty chalk smile
I had horrible heartburn the whole time I was pregnant with DD... I get it normally but it was HEAPS worse while pregnant. Liquid Mylanta was the best thing I found to help it as it was worse at about 2am so would get up and have a mouthful straight from the bottle, a quick drink of milk or water and straight back to bed. Some things that can aggravate it are onions, tomatoes, oranges and other things like that.

Thanks for posting this Skippy. I was wondering what that horrible burning feeling in my throat was this past week or so. It's worst when I'm lying down and trying to get to sleep. (I thought it was just the universe trying to find another way of preventing me from sleeping!)
I'll be trying some milk tonight, even though I hate the taste. tongue

I too had heartburn with both dd's. I used Rennie antacids which are safe in pregnancy. If it gets really bad at night, you may have to try sleeping propped up on pillows.

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