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Help!! What size clothes will I need :P Lock Rss

I should know the answer with this being my second, only problem is my only real benchmark is DD and she was so tiny, she was born at 39 weeks and weighed a whole 4lb 11. I had a growth scan today and this baby is measuring smack on average for dates. I was told that assuming growth continues at the current rate, birth weight is expected to be around 7lb 4 and I have no idea what size clothes to get. I have a couple of 2 packs of bonds wondersuits here both 0000 size and I am stressing that they will actually be too small tongue

Thanks guys, it seems crazy to be stressing but I do remember from when DD was a baby that the bonds wondersuits were a smaller fit than most other brands so I was stressing that the 0000's I have here wouldn't fit tongue


My kids were 7lb 2 and 6lb 5 at birth ... so on the average to small side.

Mine were in 0000 for about 6 weeks. Then 000 till around 6mths. 00's till almost one and size 0's when they were 1.
I had a 6 pound 13 and a 7 pound 7....the smaller one was in 00000 (prem) size for at least 4 weeks and my youngest (the biggest) was in prem for a week and some smaller 0000s and then all 0000s after that.

I think you will be just fine and don't forget you can always go out and buy more stuff once bubs arrive. Mostly likely people will buy stuff for you too.
Thanks everyone. I think I might just keep the 4 0000's I have for now and go and get a couple of packs of 000's as well before "Speck" arrives on the grounds that even if the 0000's fit, the 000's will be needed at some stage and I love the colours HAHA tongue

OMG I can't believe how real this is getting. I am actually going to have another baby sometime in the next 10 weeks (give or take a couple) eeeeekkkkk. Hope I haven't forgotten it all, it's been nearly 6 years since DD was born lol

Nai&Beau wrote:
I had a 9lb 7oz bub and he still fit into 0000 for 4-6 weeks so that size will be fine smile

Was that the bonds wondersuits or other brands though?? I just remember from DD that she always went up a size in bonds before anything else, they always seemed to be about half a size (at least) smaller than other brands tongue

Nai&Beau wrote:
I had a 9lb 7oz bub and he still fit into 0000 for 4-6 weeks so that size will be fine smile

Really?? My son was 9lb2oz, and he barely fit into his 000's - I did have the old school towelling nappies on him though, maybe that had something to do with it!
Nai&Beau wrote:
I think I reported you pugbrat sorry!! Damn report and quote button so close together!!!

Baaaahahahaha, no worries, tongue

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