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Preparing for labour Rss


I am currently 31 weeks with #2 but have been told its head to measuring above average. I had no tearing with #1 and am hoping for the same again.

Just wondering if anyone has done anything to help prepare their body for labour and do you think it worked ??

Thanks smile
I was told my second child DS was measuring larger almost the whole way through my pregnancy. At about 30 weeks i was starting to get a little worried about the size and how labour would be so i spoke to my midwifes and got a ultrasound scan for size at about 36 weeks. I was told he was definetly a big boy. Already weighting about 9 lbs. So that got me a bit panicy. I went straight to the doc and asked to be induced as soon as possible. It wasnt until 39 weeks that i finallly got to be induced and i had a very healthy 10 lb 2oz boy. an hr and a half labour With no drugs and he got stuck but i didnt tear as badly as with my daughter who was 8 lb 6oz and i thought that was big. I reckomend that if you are concerned to ask for a check up scan so you know what you are in for. good luck smile
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