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Im sorry if this upsets anyone, but this does my head in!!!
Mums and Dummies!!!!

I dont get it, People who use dummies as a baby sitter or to shut bubs up. I havent given my bub a dummy, instead using my motherly touch and parental instincts to sooth him when he is upset. He settles well if not better then bubs who have been given a dummy.

I understand bubs like their dummies, but they do not need it, and it dosent replace the contact they require when they cry. It really peeves me when I watch mums shove a dummy into their bubs mouths, instead of taking the time to settle them.

What really upsets me, is new mums, and mums to be, relying on the dummy as soon as bub is born. Babies arent born to have something plastic shoved into their mouths, only for it to be taken off them 6mths down the track. And for the same parents to whinge about trying to take it away. If you are going to let your bubs rely on something other then human contact to soothe them, then its your own stupid fault when you cant wean them off it.

And I hate it when people try to force dummies down your throat. I had 2 nurses and several strangers tell me to use a dummy. Why should I use a dummy when me or my bub dosent want to? In a way I think its just an easy way out for parents.

Anyway as I said Im sorry if this upsets anyone, but I hate that so many people rely on dummies, and I just had to let off some steam.
Honestly I think you are being really over the top... but you are entitled to your opinion.

I'm not going to give you my reasons for why my daughter has a dummy, as I don't think it's anyone's business to be honest but mine as her mother!

Anyway that is what I think of your post.

In fact the more I read your post the more it peeves me off.
that's great that you didn't need a dummy but why do you care so much what others do?

you seem to forget that maybe there are things you don't know about like my ds1 for example he had severe reflux from birth and a dummy offered him some comfort-comfort that i couldn't give him. my ds2 on the other hand never had one at all.

so before you get on your judgemental pedestal and lecture others about the use of a dummy stop and think outside your little box.

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...


I used a dummy with dd but rest assured, she had/has plenty of cuddles, human touch, love! Pretty rude judgemental post when I'm sure there are plenty of things you have done/will do as a mum that will get judged. You can't win- honestly with so many people judging us mums why would you come on here as a mother and openly judge like that? Surely you know it's a hard enough job without judging each other?

Damned if you do, damned if you don't - these are all things you could get wrong in other peoples eye so maybe think about that before acting like the perfect mother and judging us dummy users: bf vs ff, dummy or no dummy, tinned food vs homemade, co sleeping, vaccinate or not, controlled crying, the use of jolly jumpers or not the list goes on so honestly - even you would have done something that someone sees as wrong!!

I use them why not as women mothers partners wife's employees employers we do so much were aloud to I reckon and it's easy to take away just a few days of asking for it no big deal
It's another aspect of parenting that as a mother we have a chioce no need to jump at women who make that chioce
Doesn't even phase me if I see a toddler with One
Why cos iv never seen a child in kindergarten with one or a nappy either
The only time my daughter uses her dummy is at night time when it's sleep time. Not to replace cuddles or my love.

I agree with the PP... I think you came on here hoping to cause a stir.

I think it a personal choice and we shouldnt judge mothers if they choose to use a dummy.

I never used one for both my girls but I came soooo close to it with DD1.. the trouble was she wouldnt have a bar of it!! And DD2 was a thumb sucker right from day one so I didnt have to consider it. Personally I dont see too much of a difference between thum sucking and having a dummy really- she was always so happy and contented with her thumb- I suppose its the same for dummy babies too.

Sorry I know you're just expressing your opinion but I think you might be asking for a bit of trouble tongue

True true maybe some love drama and stirring the pot makes their day interesting
I'm not yet a mummy, im a mummy to be, my little one is on the way but I have to say that there is nothing wrong with using a dummy imo. I had a dummy as a baby as it was the only thing that would help my mum calm me as i was a very unsettled baby. If i find that this is the case with my own child then i will not hesitate to use a dummy too. It is really not affecting you in anyway if others use dummies and it is not affecting your child and to say that they have less human contact is just silly.

I think it is everyones choice how they bring up thier child as long as the child is well loved, fed, cleaned does it matter that they suck on a dummy once in a while?

I know you're probably just trying to stir us up - but I'm going to answer your question "Why use dummies?".

All my 3 kids have had dummies;
DS was only 5 days old when he started using one, he had big wind problems and reflux issues, I was told my a lovely midwife that sucking a dummy may help as sucking soothes a baby more than anything else. She also said it may help with his reflux - and it did, I was so pleased to see him calm, relaxed and not in pain and screaming constantly.

DD1 was about 4wks old when she first used hers as she was constantly wanting to feed, but wouldn't actually "feed" she would just suckle on my breast for comfort, and as I had a toddler to look after, I wasn't able to just sit there feeding her all the time.

DD2 first used hers at about 5 or 6wks old, for the same reasons as DD1 - she was a comfort feeder and would end up feeding so much she would throw up everywhere all the time and I'd had enough of having to change her and myself after every feed (that she was having every hour). And as a mum of 3, I wasn't able to be constantly feeding.

I'm not sure how many kids you have, but if you only have one, it's quite possible your stance on dummies might change when another come along.
I never thought I'd use dummies, I never wanted to - but hey, you do what you feel is right for yourself at the time.
Why post something like that, and then sign off? *sigh*
As I said I didnt want to upset anyone.

And I do understand that there are circumstances when a dummy is needed and used...

What upsets me is that I dont want to use a dummy and people look down at me for not using one. Saying its cruel to let my bub cry when a dummy can soothe him.

And new mums only listen to this point of view, so some force bubs to take a dummy. (i know several new mums who did this because they felt bullied into using a dummy)

Im not judging people who use them, its up to you and your bub. I just hate when people judge me for not using one.

Have we become a society that relys on dummies?

I could have written my original post better. But I just wanted to let people know that dummies are not always the answer.

I wanted to like this but i had no more point things left lol. smile

Haha don't you just hate that! Happens to me all the time!
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