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I have rat in my house Lock Rss

last night while having dinner i seen this massive size rat cut across my kitchen,
i jumped on my table, (poor guest who where having dinenr with us) and hubby got up and it was gone we have put rat baits down,
no luck yuk makes me feel dirty as, any suggestion other than baits to get this thing to come out,
Get a cat, cat's seem to know where they hiding, so you can get rid of the rat faster.

Hope you get rid of it soon.

Oh no, not rats... Eeek.. It's bad enough to have mice.. Definitely try a cat, you could try rat traps (like the old mouse trap but bigger and stronger), and bait. That's probably about it. Also, if you've got holes under doors, windows, in the walls etc, try buying steelwool and blocking up the holes to prevent anymore getting back in. Hope you get the rat!
A cat wont do sh*t, as they tend to pierce & play and take ages to kill laugh
Not much options except for a big rat trap or ratsak. The thing with ratsak is, if they take the bait you wont know where they've you'll probably smell the carcass instead blink
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