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It's today!! Rss

That is very exciting. I hope he/she is growing perfectly!! and compliant with finding out its sex.
Goodluck, have fun. Hopefully bub gets in a good position haha! I can't wait for mine! smile
Good Luck with the scan, hope your little one lets you find out.

I think you're having a boy.

Thank you.
Today will be slow laugh laugh laugh
I just noticed your 9 weeks, how are you feeling? I still have flash backs of the beginning of this pregnancy, was very sick.

Starting to feel a little better but I've been pretty crook! Never had any ms with my dd! Not fun at all! I can't believe how far you are already, seems like just the other week you posted that pic of your test! Are you still sick or is there hope? tongue
Skippy glad today has come for you!!!!
Now before your scan have a stern talking to baby and let baby know you want to see all it's parts laugh laugh grin
So hope all goes well. Is hubby going to the scan too?

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

Yay Skippy. No wonder you so excited. Cant wait til you tell us!

Yay yay!!! Can't wait to hear XX

Yay Skippy. And N&B, you are 12 weeks now!!
may the 4th be with you grin
OMG - thats gone soooo quick - for me anyway laugh
good luck today - cant wait to hear...

i wont be back until waaaaay later - gotta do my volunteer day with the local youth cool
How exciting! Have a wonderful wonderful day grin
How exciting skippy!!!!! cant wait to hear your news! Afterward you should go out today and buy something gender specific for the bub that you truely love as a little celebration!!!!
How exciting Skip. I always got excited when I had my scans even though we didn't find out the sex for both dd's. It's just reassuring when you get to see your little bubba. Hopefully they will give you a wave and say "Hi Mum, I'm doing fine in here". Looking forward to hearing what you're having.

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