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Hey everyone!!

For months I have been feeling extremely exhausted and my body has been aching!! I thought it wasmotherhood( i'm first time mum) and the fact that I have been training.

about a month ago i decided to go to the doctor and get checked out. the dr ran a series of tests. The tests revealed my throid was overactive. I have never had a thyroid issue.

After discussion with the dr, she informs me that I need to redo the test in two weeks. I had this test done last week and this morning I get a phone call from the receptionist saying the doctor needs to see me this morning.

I make my way to the dr and she tells me I need to get and ultrasound on my thyroid as I could have goitre?????

Has anyone heard of this before or had it???

I tried to PM you, but surprise surprise it didn't work!

I have an overactive thyroid, have been taking medication to bring it back to normal, which has been working. I feel really good now. Still tired, but I feel human.

I don't have a goitre, though I did get an ultrasound to make sure.Do you have to see a specialist or take medication?

If u have an questions, ask away! smile
Hey there!!!

Thanks for the reply. I had my ultrasound today,and the whole experience made me very uneasy!

The girl who did the u/s took forever and asked me have I been sick. At the end of her taking photos, she says to me ' just stay there, I need to get someone else to look at the pictures'.

Oh well... I guess I have to wait until tomorrow to hear from the dr!

By the way rrt1000.. have you gained or lost weight with your thyroid issue??

Thanks again.
I lost about 3kgs the first few weeks, while eating like a horse and not exercising. Had really bad hand shakes and would just break out sweating profusly even though it was cold. Was really horrible. Now that everything is under control the weight loss has stopped and its probably piling on again, I'm not game to step on the scales yet!

The person that did the ultrasound prob just needed to make sure that they had gotten everything at the right angle etc. It might be your throat looked swollen.

Good luck with the Dr apt tomorrow. I hope it goes well, let us know how u go.
Hi Kudgie, let us know how you go with the results tomorrow. Just wanted to tell you I have an under active thyroid but it's under control with medication. Hopefully all will be ok and they can get your levels sorted with medication. It must be a relief to know why you have been feeling so unwell smile cos mine is under active, I'm prone to gaining weight <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />

Hey lovely ladies!!

Well, I went and picked up the ultrasound pictures and like a real sticky beak I opened the envelope and read the results( naughty me!!!)

According to the radiographer the thyroid looks normal. Thank goodness. the dr hasn't rang me yet...that's a good sign! So I'm none the wiser as to what the hell my body is doing!!

I'm surprised that one blood test showed an overactive I have constantly struggled with my weight. I put on 5kg just looking at and smelling food!!!

Let's see what happens next!
Well that is good news that it looks normal. How are u feeling otherwise?

I think that if you've had a baby recently it can appear, then it goes back to normal after a while. Not sure what the treatment is for that though.

Mine came out of the blue, last yr it was fine, then all of a sudden it went crazy!!

Hope the Dr is helpful!
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