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Morning after pill scare Rss

Hey everyone, So im in abit of a dilema. It has been four months since i gave birth to my son via C-section, Since then me and my partner having been using condoms as contraception. (My doctor said i had to wait for my next period to go on the pill) Unfortunatly the other night my partner decided he didnt want to use one, so you can geuss what happen. The next morning i went asap to get the morning after pill, I took it withn the 12 hour mark, But what scares me is that iv heard heaps of stories that it hasnt worked for some women and i really dont want it to happen to me so soon after my first. So now i feel really stupid because i no i could have been more careful.

So what id like to no is your guys experiences with it, if youve taken it and if it Did or didnt work for you? etc smile

I have taken it twice when i was younger, both time the condom split and didnt fall pregnant either times.
i have taken it in the past and i didnt get pregnant...
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