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I havent been in here much lately, but i thought i would pop in and tell you all after over a year I have finally got my BFP!!!

Mind you, I have been in this position before and it ended up not so fab so I am trying not to get too excited yet. It have a doc appt tomorrow arvo to test hormone levels and get my specialist referral so i should know more then!! I have taken about ten preg tests now over this week and all are positive and have got really dark now over the week, so im hoping thats thats a fab sign.
aw congrats!! Always nice to hear! smile

Yay!!!! Im so happy for you!!!! Hope everything works out perfectly!!! laugh laugh laugh
Congrats hun that is great news. All the best for a happy and healthy pregnancy.
I have noticed you not around chickie!!
Whoo hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so so so happy for you sweetie I'm sending you a freakin road train of sticky sticky baby dust!!!!!!!!!
I hope they tackle hormone levels and keep your bub sticky sweetie I will get progesterone depositories from the doctor when we get our next bfp so I hope to join you shortly sweetie xx
I'm so happy for you you so deserve this hun xxx
Congratulations, that is super exciting news smile
Big congrats, wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnancy.

Thanks guys!! I am trying not to get excited - but i have already started noticing prams, cute outfits and prices of nappies!!! I really hope this is a sticky one!!! Thanks for your best wishes !!!!
Yay! That's great news!
enjoy your next 9 months of pregnancy... i wish you loads of sticky baby dust smile
Congrats! Will say a little prayer for you.
I am so happy for you smile This is just such great news!!
After all the struggles and stress you've been through over the past year with TTC and MC and everything, you really deserve this!

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