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Whats your favorite pregnancy book Rss

Up to Duff is great and really funny- would make a great gift .

I also have 'What to expect when expecting' I called it my bible for both my pregnancies, had the answer to every thing I was thinking at every stage

I agree with both books. What to expect answers all your worries and Up the Duff makes you laugh.

Oh It HAS to be 'Up the Duff' By Kaz Cook.
I have been preg three times and it just doesnt get less funny! I have loved it so much I passed it on all three times and had to buy it again!

Hey all, just wondering what everyones fav pregnancy book is. Im looking to get a gift for a friend who has just found out she is pregnant with her first.
I have conception, pregnancy and birth by miriam stoppard, which is a great book, but just wanting to see what other books people have found to be a great help that I can have a look at for her smile

It is not a pregnancy book, but a book I think all mummas-to-be should read is Buddhism for Mothers by Sarah Napthali.
Thanks everyone,
Plenty to think about. Seems like "Up the Duff" is a favorite. I'll have to go and have a look me thinks.

I guess it depends on if you're friend would appreciate a real pregnancy book or something humorous. Also need to consider what kind of birth she would like. I would suggest Ina Mays Guide to Childbirth if you're wanting a book on real pregnancy and birth.
The one I have is by babycenter, "Pregnancy: From preconception to birth". It's been great, tells me what is happening week by week, how big the baby is, antenatal tests, all things birth.... I haven't wanted to even look at anything else!
What to expect when You're expecting. It's really informative. Up the Duff was funny, but if she needs info I think what to expect would be more helpful.

As ruby gloom said- Ina May's books are amazing (if she's considering natural birth).
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