Okay so we've had a heat wave since December with temps ranging from 30-40+ during the day and 20-25 deg at night, with no break. I'm currently 20 weeks pregnant and this weather is turning me into a bi*ch as im so uncomfortable and sleep deprived. Being intimate with my husband hardly happens as i'm so blooming hot all the time. im starting to become constantly snappy and short fused about everything, generally extremely irritated because its hard to keep cool.. We have fans and aircon but we're living on one wage atm and can't even make ends meet atm so trying to keep the spending down. I have had 8 cold showers today and thats not helping either. I feel sorry for my hubby as my irritation turns from my son to him when he gets home. I feel awful but feel like i can't control myself. Dinners don't get cooked coz i cant stand slaving over the stove/oven with this heat. This doesn't bother anyone but i feel like I am being a terrible wife.

We're planning on moving to melbourne and i can't wait to get away from this dreaded heat sad i feel like crying.. sad