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Fundal Height Lock Rss

i just had my antinatal app yesterday at 32+1 weeks and measured 33cm the same as i was 2 weeks ago, same as you bubs fine and moving etc MW not concerned and neither am i smile. the measurement is only a very base indicator and can be effected substantially by things such as the fullness of your bowel or bladder and the position of bub at the time. both my other pregs were the same and my measurements fluctuated a bit and i had 2 very healthy big bubbas (DD-9 and DS-8.8 pounds) and with DD i actually measured under most of the time wink so no small measurement doesnt mean small bubba sorry to tell you lol grin

thank you smile yeah midwife said it's probably just the way he's lying, he's usually got his bum sticking out but he didn't today. haha i kinda want to have a scan now to see!! DP keeps telling me he's going be a fatty too.

lol im also tiny (im normally 47-50kg and 159cm tall, bout an 8) and managed to natural births with mine..hubby is a big man tho so i kinda knew our bubs would be big still suprised the MW's tho! as long as you feel that bubs is growing and getting stronger i wouldnt worry smile not long for us to go now!! grin yay

I had/am having the exact same thing happen to me.. measured perfectly up until about 32 weeks... 32 weeks, measured 28cm... had a scan, baby had completely average measures, and i had a normal amount of fluid etc etc.. they said it's probably because its my first and I had really tight stomach muscles before pregnancy (im an exercise physiologist and was really active/fit) so they said my muscles are pulling everything in. a couple of weeks later, measurements went up.. then i was "small again".. they said because her head is down in my pelvis already its not a good measure.. shes moving down not out, so the measurement basically becomes irrelevant.
My measurements were completely up the creek for my whole pregnancy last time. I didn't have a bump until I was 7 months preggas, and then in the last week was still 5cms too small. She was born 6lb 4oz and perfectly healthy, albeit very hungry. She has since made up for being so small.

If I had such vast differences with mine and still had a healthy bub I would just say like everything... the expected 'norm' will vary from person to person. It is just the average that a whole bunch of women were during their trials - some would have been bigger, some smaller than that number, so those were the numbers in the middle.

Don't stress... it's such a small difference!!

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