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I just received an intervention Lock Rss

Just to give background -every fortnight we have a dinner party with two other friend couples and there I have 1-2 wines during the 3 course meal and social time (all up they last roughly 4hours).

Anyway tonight DH and his best mate went out for dinner and his mates girlfriend stayed behind. She barely spoke for a while and I fed my girls. I put Dd2 to bed (4 months) and let my 3yo play. Then mates girlfriend says " I feel uncomfortable doing this but I think you will appreciate it in the long run." She then hands me an Internet print out for Alcoholics Annonymous!!!

She then proceeded to tell me that she is concerned as every time we see each other I am having a drink. I said we generally only see each other once a fortnight at the dinner parties and and she's drinking every time there as well. Her response "once you have kids you're meant to give up things like that. Only those without kids should indulge."

I laughed at her and she informed me how serious she was and how without help I could harm my kids and relationship. I told her she was making something from nothing. I was so glad when DH came home and she left. DH thinks it's hilarious! His mate just messages me saying sorry.

Other than those dinner parties, DH and I share a glass or two of wine throughout the week. DH thinks he should drive to the next dinner party so I can make a spectacle of myself!
hahahahahaahahahah laugh Oh my gosh! I'm laughing so hard right now! I think I would have laughed my ar$e off at her!

If having 1-2 drinks during a 3 course meal every fortnight makes you an alcoholic then I'd hate to think what she thinks of me! laugh

Yes when you have children you're supposed to give up EVERYTHING! roll eyes

So will the next dinner party be awkward for her I wonder? laugh
Is there an Idiots Anonymous you can sign her up for?
I had my DS 4 weeks ago and I'm already planning a night out where I'll have a few too many (after I finish breast feeding that is). It's been well over a year since my last drink, I think I deserve it. smile

Guess I should put that on hold though, I don't want to be an alcoholic fr one night and harm my kids. roll eyes

I like your DH's thinking, get absolutely sloshed at the next dinner. Maybe take a bottle of hard liquor as well and polish it off without her knowing it's mainly softdrink or something. smile

I Would have told her to get out of my house! You obviously know whats best for yourself and your kids how dare a person who has no kids judge u! I cannot drink cos im preggers atm but when im not preggers or breastfeeding ill have a glass or two of wine about 5 days a week lol. I dont understand whats so bad about that its not over doing it.

Anyone that doesn't have children will NEVER understand anything about being a Parent an should keep their mouth shut. What a * Idiot.. I would have told the * to go sit outside an wait in the cold (if its cold where you are?) Pretty funny though!!
What a complete twit! From the sounds of it you hardly drink at all.

I like your hubbys idea... get completely sloshed for the next dinner.

Or if you only want your usual couple of wines, have those and also fill a vodka bottle with water to drink in between! From the bottle!!!
I'd love to see her reaction then laugh

She sounds a little bit .............. Different, that one.

Lol couldnt of said it any better myself HAHA

Still laughing after 5 minutes
Whoa lol what a weirdo! That made me giggle, I wonder what her partner is now thinking of her?! That's bizarre that she would say parents arent allowed to drink etc... Straaange lol grin

"once you have kids you're meant to give up things like that. Only those without kids should indulge."

Is she for real? They're the reason we do drink! Lol!

Seriously though, what a nutter. 1 or 2 glasses? How about 1 or 2 bottles then tell her what you really think!!!

Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds,
You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

Lol.... that's pretty funny! I wouldn't go as far as calling her a bitch though - it doesn't sound like she did it to be purposefully spiteful, it sounds like she was genuinely concerned which makes it all the more hilarious! laugh lol

Sorry but thatis just too funny!
If she thinks you are overdoing it them she would think my friends need to go to rehab!
At least you know she cares about you though and feels comfortable enough to talk to you about these things.

Poor girl sad She obviously has never lived with a real alcoholic lol. Should been a real smart ass and lit a smoke.
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