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Wow!! Its certainly been a while!! Lock Rss

Hi Girls!!
Just wondering whos still kickin around here these days, any of the old girls left???? havnt logged on for a good 2 years, how is everyone and hello to the girls I havnt met, hope everyone is having a fabulous day!! grin grin

Hi, I haven't met you before, haven't been on the forum for that long really. Welcome back, hope you can catch up with some of the oldies laugh

Hi there! wink
Ive been a spec since late 2009 when I was pregnant but decided to join this year grin Shouldve joined earlier..Doh! roll eyes
Hi girls!! Nice to meet you both grin This forum is such a great help and support for mothers and fathers. If only all parent knew about it!

I remember you . I have been here since 2007 but deleted my account and re joined cause of problems I was having. I am not a well known old member though, I like to read more than I post.

How have you been going anyway?

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