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Has anyone put their children into language lessons? Im thinking of getting my 3 year old into french lessons smile
my FIL is indian, so he speaks hindi and english, i would love for dd to learn to speak hindi... its so cute he stands there and talks to her in hindi... some off the stuff i understand but not a lot off it.. i know basic hindi...

i would also like dd to learn a few other languages its so much easier for young children to learn languages then adults...

i say go for it, if she doesn't like it you could always try a different language...
He lol smile I think he will enjoy it, he learns so fast and has an amazing memory. I'd love for him to learn Greek as my family is Greek but it would be waaay to much. I think it would be awesome to give him that skill in life smile I always wish I had learnt a second language so it would be neat to learn with him and then teach DS2 when hes a bit older too!

Oh and have to add the pic of your baby is just beautiful!
whoops.... thanks she is quite a little cutie... love her to bits... not sure where she got the good looks from though... maybe its the cross over off cultures indian, scottish and aussie...
Hi there,

I haven't put her into lessons, but we were seriously considering it and may still do near the end of the year. We are all learning french here at the moment as we are going to france in a couple of weeks for a few months.
Allianz (at least in Adelaide) have essentially French Kindy. When I was there, you could here all the kids singing and you could see them making things etc. They all seemed to have a ball! We were going to put our older dd in at the same time that I was there, but our trip moved forward by a few months, so it wouldn't have been worth it.

It looked fantastic though, I would definitely look into it! They have a couple of kindys. One for kids that are English Speaking at home and one for kids that are French speaking at home.

I'll just add that even though the kids haven't been in classes, they have picked up some French by just watching some french kids shows and dd1s fav movie at the moment is Etre et Avoir - a doco that follows a little French school. We also try and speak the little French we have to them and dd1 understands and can respond. Dd2 is only little, but if you say Bonjour, she will respond with a wave and ayo.

Have fun!
The whole learning process is changing rapidly, now kids have been introduced with smart learning kits to make learning more friendly and easy. I have done flintobox review Read it here:, which is a similar kit for smart learning, pretty interesting stuff there. Now my kids are finding their interests towards learning, and i am very happy to see this. :headbang:
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