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I'm thinking about getting hair extensions done. I live in Brisbane. Would like some good or bad feedback. Would like to know are they easy to look after, do you have to use any particular shampoo, conditioner or hair products. Also would like some recommendations on places to get them done, but don't won't to spend a fortune.
There is a few girls on Gumtree that offer hair extensions rather cheap in brisbane, i dunno if they are any good though as i use clip ins.

Good luck.
Where abouts in Brisbane do you live?
Hi I have had them in I had them braided in I bought my hair cost me about 180 or more and I then paid someone to put them in, I only kept them in for 2 weeks reasonbly easy to look after good smampoo and conditioner and a nice moisturizer to leave in and plait them each night before bed, mine were 19 inches long! I long and I only used half the hair I bought
I live at Marsden which is near Browns Plains.
TRENDZ at victoria point! my friend owns the salon and and has done hairs for models nad things all her work is perfect!! shes very professional and if theres any problems would help fix them..

Bit of a plug there lol
I can't recommend any in briz sorry, but I can tell you a bit about my experience and what to avoid.
I had the 'glue in' ones. I spent $700 on a full head about 2 years ago. They were HORRIBLE to take care of and I constantly woke up in the morning to heaps of hair in the bed. When I got them taken out I had to get quite a short haircut too to cut out all the damage the glue did. It was terrible.
I believe there are really good ones that clamp in with a small metal piece and they are amazing apparently.
....However...Have fun with them when you get them done...when you are all done up with makeup and heels you feel very glam!! smile
I have had them and done them many times before. Each time i had them i hated them!!The glue in ones wreck ya hair!! And the ones with metal, slip out and pull ya hair out get tangled up!! Have to have a spesh loop brush to brush your hair so they dont get brushed out. And will be brushing ya hair all the time!! gets matted up..
Have to have spesh shampoo and conditioner also, and put serum in so it dont dry out..
Soz to burst ya bubble!! They were fine for a while but go fairly annoyinng after a few days for me.. And that was when i wasnt pregnant, i wouldnt have the time to do all tht now with bubz hahah. Good luck with ya making your mind up happy

Ohh... if i was to pick outa them if i was to get them again i would have them weaved in i think wouldnt be so noticable also.. Thats all hehe
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always wanted to have long hair, recently I ordered new hair extensions on eBay. Can't wait to try them!
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