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well I'm going to start a happy post! Rss

Today I'm wearing my skinny jeans, and have officially lost 7kg in the last 6 months making me 63kg - I'm feeling rather good about it actually! grin

What's making you feel good today?

Congratulations, that's awesome!

What made me feel good today was watching DH playing with DD and her laughing hysterically... nothing like kids laughter smile
good on you!!

I'm happy that i have finally (mostly) sorted out the dining room.

and that the avocado was finally ripe enough to go on my lunch...yummy!!
that DD2 and DS1 slept for 2 hours each and at the same time and bub fell asleep before them and is still sleepingso for the last two hours i've been catching up on my tv shows i dont get to watch lol

needed something good after yesterday... one of our pups died sad

Aw warm fuzzies!

Missfit... is not talking to me for so long a part of what has made your day so happy??? Kinda looks that way! Lol tongue

Congrats on getting back into your skinny jeans and well done on the weight loss! smile

My day has been super fantastic! Took my DD to a little play group today and she didn't cry, not once! She's not good around strangers but today she was happy to smile at everyone and play with the other kids and even let me walk away from her. Such an achievement for my little one smile
what a great post to start! smile That is great about you fitting in your skinny jeans.

I have two reasons to be happy. Today someone finally commented on my weight loss (13kgs). And tomorrow I am getting a hair cut and colour for the first time in 22 weeks blink It is a ladys day out so wine and cheese and hair hooray!! grin

Aw warm fuzzies!

Missfit... is not talking to me for so long a part of what has made your day so happy??? Kinda looks that way! Lol tongue

whoops! I'm soooo onto it, to the point I've some how managed to singe my hand with no flipping idea how

More like, I'm happy to talk to you after so long, it been about a year blink

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

I'm glad my two little kiddies love to go to kinder and daycare smile

DD smiles, says bye mum and kives me a hug an kiss before running off to play, and DS actually cried when he was too sick to go to kinder for one day.

And I get to make fairy bread and send DS and DP to kinder with it tomorrow for their Easter party. Looks like I'll be having fairy bread for breakfast tomorrow!
I'm happy because after 10 weeks and going through breast refusal, thrush, mastitis and nipple vasospasm I realised, whilst lying in bed this morning, that I finally BF my DS without pain or any other issues! smile
I'm happy cause tomorrow my DH and DD and I are going up the coast for the weekend smile. It will be DD's first holiday so I hope everything goes well!
yay well done smile

Im happy because i worked my ass off at the gym, yesterday, then helped a neighbour clean a massive fishtank out and moved it and cleaned her intex pool out ect ect (big day helping her) then today i was so sore BUT i made myself go to the gym for another great workout and pushed through the pain! and now i feel great, im down to 64kgs smile one step closer to kicking the Polycystic Ovaries in the arse and baby #2 smile

Well done on the weight loss, Its always a nice feeling when you can get into something thhat you really want!

I'm happy because my training for the fun run is going well. I have gone from not running at all to being able to run 2kms!!

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